Priya suspects Khush to be Sammy’s killer in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

There is a lot of suspense happening in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain as Priya is searching for Sammy’s real killer. Rajat informs Vikram about Sammy and Sid’s business deal. Vikram doesn’t know anything about it and suspects it to be the reason behind Sammy’s death. Rahul informs Vikram that Sammy called him regarding the legal issue of the deal. Vikram determines to find the real culprit. Priya comes to Sid and Juhi’s room and finds gloves worn by the murderer. Priya shows gloves to Rajat and they check the video. Sid sees them and asks Mamaji to find out what is cooking between Rajat and Priya.

Rajat and Priya see the black mark on the glove and come to the conclusion that it is the same glove indeed worn by the murderer. Rajat says, this is not enough proof. Priya thinks to clear Vikram’s misunderstanding. Mamaji tries to find out from Rajat about his purpose of visit, but fails.

Priya calls her lawyer, but the call doesn’t go through. She sees Suhani in pain. She opens the cupboard to give her medicines and sees the gloves. She gets shocked. Priya remembers seeing Khush near Sid’s room.Priya calls Natasha and tells her that she can’t believe anyone. She is feeling helpless as she is unable to prove Ram innocent. Natasha tells her that she will meet her tomorrow. Priya thanks her. Khush searches his gloves in the cupboard and thinks Priya might have taken it. He fears that Priya might mistaken him to be the murderer.

Rahul asks Rajat to help him finding about the deal between Sammy and Sid. He tells him that Sid and Vikram had a tiff and Sid tried to create difference between Ram and Vikram. Rajat says, he will talk to his lawyer. Priya remembers Ram’s words and gets sad thinking that she couldn’t prove his innocence. She determines to free him and fulfill her promise. Mamaji and Rajat have a talk. Rajat tells Mamaji that he is writing a novel about the murder and the main suspect will be the elderly person of the house. Mamaji gets tensed. Rajat gives him water to drink.

Priya talks to the lawyer about the proofs. She shows him another glove which she got in Suhani’s room. Lawyer says, it is not strong evidence. Rajat comes there and says Khush might have done the crime for Suhani. Priya says, he didn’t give importance to money and left house with her, then why did he do this. Rajat says, they shall investigate further to know the real motive.

Priya tells Khush that Ram gave his power of attorney to Khush as he can’t trust anybody else. Khush tells her that he doesn’t need anything other than her blessings. Priya tells him that he can handle Ram’s business well. She asks him not to give importance to money and value relationships. Khush agrees. Vikram misses Ram and shares with Cady that he didn’t have a brother, but Ram was there with him. He says, everything is finished now.

Priya talks to Natasha about why Ram has chosen Khush to give his power of attorney. She feels something is not right. Natasha says, Ram might have given him POA as Khush used to help him in business. Priya says, why he didn’t give it to Vikram. Natasha says, that doesn’t make sense. Priya then gets a lawyer’s call, who informs her about getting the permission granted to meet Ram. Sid tells Mamaji and Juhi that Ram betrayed him by giving power of attorney to his son Khush. Sid gets angry. Juhi is angry too. Mamaji asks her to relax.

Vikram asks Neha to go for some days to forget Sammy. Kady asks Rahul to take care of the house as the family is sad about Sammy’s death. Rahul hugs her. Sid confronts Khush for accepting power of attorney. He asks, did he forget that he is his son. Khush tells him that he is Ram and Priya’s son and Ram gave him POA as he trust him. Sid tries to slap him, but he stops him. Priya comes and scolds them for fighting. She tells them that Ram will take care of the business once he is proven innocent and comes out of jail.

Priya informs Rajat about Ram giving his POA to Khush. Rajat gets shocked and tells her that he will come to talk to her. Rajat tells Vikram about it. Vikram says, Ram has to take board of directors’ permission before giving his POA. Vikram says, they wanted to give some powers to Sammy and goes to get some papers. He doesn’t find it as it was missing.

Suhani feels Khush is changing and asks him to bring her old Khush back. Khush thinks he has not changed. Juhi asks Sid to calm down. She tells him that they have to do something so that Ram can never be back. Vikram tells Rajat about the missing documents. Natasha comes to stay in Kapoor Mansion for a few days. Pari and Mayra get excited. Priya meets Ram and tells him that everything will be fine. She tells him that she is unable to handle Pihu and needs him. Ram recalls going to Jail. They feel bad. Keep reading.