Priya finds proofs against Sid pointing him to be Sammy’s murderer in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, Priya was shaken after Ram convicted for murder which he didn’t commit. Priya determines to prove him innocent as she has full faith on him. She thinks to reopen the case. She finds the party CD. She watches the CD and comes to conclusion that someone killed Sammy intentionally. She sees a hand with glove triggerring the bullet. She calls Rajat and asks him to come home as she wants to show him something. Priya shows him the party CD and tells that this is the proof to prove Ram innocent. Rajat says they need a solid proof. Priya says, in the CD someone is killing Sammy and not Ram. Rajat promises to help her.

Neha thinks to go from home as she is not able to forget Sammy’s memories. Rahul consoles and hugs her. Rajat and Priya go to the Inspector’s house. Priya tells him about the proof. Inspector says, he has a doubt on Kapoor’s family. Priya doesn’t believe that her own family members can frame Ram. Inspector assures to reopen the case if the real culprit is caught. Priya determines to catch the culprit and free Ram.

Suhani calls Priya. Priya tells her that she would be reaching home soon. Suhani goes to Khush’s room. Khush asks him to go and sleep. Vikram gets emotional seeing Sammy’s pics. Rahul consoles him and asks him to be strong for his mom’s sake. Priya discusses with Rajat about the killer. Rajat says, someone did it for their own benefit or take take revenge on Ram or Sammy. Priya reaches home and thinks to investigate starting from Sammy’s room.

Priya goes to the room and hears Pihu crying. Mayra takes Pihu to her room. Priya gets a file in Sammy’s room. She comes to know about the patnership deed between Sammy and Sid which reads that Sid will be the sole owner of the company if Sammy dies. She thinks Ram might have known about it. She thinks money must be the motive behind Sammy’s murder. Kady speaks to Rahul and Neha. She tries to make Neha understand that Ram is innocent and Priya would not have support him if he was guilty. Neha thinks Ram was convicted as he was guilty. Vikram says, Ram said that he didn’t kill Sammy.

Investors comes to Kapoor Mansion and asks Sid to sign the deal on Ram’s behalg. Sid says, he couldn’t do that. Priya comes and asks them to give her 2 days time so that she will talk to Ram. She says, she will transfer the power of attorney. Investors agree. Mamaji tells Sid to think about it. Natasha talks to Khush about uniting the family. Priya gives Sid and Sammy’s deal papers to Rajat. He promises to find the culprit and asks her to take care.

Khush comes to Suhani and asks her to eat food. Priya too asks Suhani to eat for her baby. Rajat tells Vikram about Sid and Sammy deal. Vikram thinks he should find out. He calls Sid to talk to him, but he ignores his call. Vikram doubts Sid. Rajat tells Neha that they are doing a mistake as Ram is innocent. He makes her understand that Ram used to scold Sammy like he scolds Khush. He asks them not to forget Priya’s pain. Neha thinks she must be wrong. Vikram thinks we didn’t think about Priya’s loss. She lost her daughter’s husband. Neha goes to Kapoor Mansion and apologizes to Priya. Priya hugs her emotionally. Neha tells her that they will save Ram. Priya thanks her.

Priya tells Neha that Pihu doesn’t want to believe that Sammy is dead. Neha goes to talk to Pihu. Pihu asks Neha to call Sammy. Neha says, she cannot call Sammy as he is no more. Neha asks her to accept the truth. They both cry. Priya sees Pihu looking at Sammy’s pics. She asks her to accept the fact and move on. Pihu blames her for her current situation. Priya says, your love for Sammy was an obsession and Sammy’s love for Suhani was an obsession and that’s why she was against her marriage.

Pihu says, you are very smart and holding myself responsible for Sammy’s death. She says, she will go and confess to the police that she killed Sammy. Pihu says, she can sacrifice her life for her Dad Ram. Priya thinks what to do and feels she lost her Pihu. Priya gets another clue in Sid’s room and that’s gloves worn by the murderer. Keep reading.