Shanaya cleverly gets the factory shut down, Sharda and Sakshi plan to complete the order from home, Karan manages to get the factory keys in Sony’s EK Nayi Pehchaan.

In Ek Nayi Pehchaan, Sakshi thinks to take money from her mom as they have suffered a loss. Sharda refuses. Sakshi makes her understand that they are taking a loan. Latika brings her daughter Diya to Modi house and leaves her with Dadi. She tells Dadi that she doesn’t work to work in the office anymore, but is working for her family. Diya addresses Pallavi as a bad woman. Dadi asks her not to talk like that with elders. Shanaya calls Pallavi and informs her about Sharda’s loss. Pallavi is happy. Shanaya lies to her that she didn’t do anything and asks her to talk to Meeta about the order.

Sharda comes to meet Meeta and asks her for one more chance. Meeta agrees. Pallavi comes to meet Meeta. Sharda informs her that Meeta left for the meeting. Pallavi shows her fake sympathy towards Sharda and offers to take up the contract as she won’t be able to complete it now. Sharda thanks her for her thought and says she will make efforts on her own.

Latika calls Sharda and is shocked to know about the loss. Sharda asks Neha, who closed the factory. Shanaya says, she checked it thoroughly before closing the door. Shanaya’s phone rings and Sharda is shocked to see Pallavi’s photo on its screen. Sharda asks Sakshi not to scold Shanaya and asks her to get back to work. She gets a call from Suresh then. Shanaya speaks rudely with Suresh and holds him responsible for Pallavi’s sadness. Sharda hears everything. Shanaya then talks to her room. Sharda gets shocked and thinks Shanaya is behind her loss. Sharda keeps the chain near the bags of the workers and prays that God will show way to whoever has lost it. Karan leaves a note for them and sleeps.

Pallavi tries to make Meeta understand to give the order to her. Meeta tells her that you doesn’t have enough knowledge of Patola sarees. Shanaya thinks to help her mom and promises to do something. Sakshi’s mom Padma come to her house and couldn’t see their condition. She decides to talk to Sharda. Padma speaks to Sharda and blames her for Sakshi’s condition. She tells her that she can’t be successful at this age. Shanaya enjoys their conversation.

Padma offers her money which Sharda refuses to take. They get the letter from bank to pay the loan installment. Shanaya instigates all the ladies against working with Sharda. She tells them that Sharda won’t be able to pay them and asks them to join Pallavi’s textiles. The workers agree. Shanaya informs Pallavi. Pallavi hires Sharda’s employees and thinks Meeta will come to her now. Karan argues with Sakshi because Padma offered him a job and wanted them to stay with her. Sharda and Sakshi waits for the workers, but they didn’t turn up. Shanaya smiles. Meeta calls Sharda and asks her to complete the order in 3 days. They get worried.

Dadi’s health deteriorates and she calls Sharda. Sharda goes there. Doctor asks her to take care of Dadi. Pallavi returns home and is shocked to see Sharda. She taunts her and calls her an outsider. Pallavi tells her that her workers is hers now. Sharda gets shocked. She asks Sharda to bend down infront of her if she wants to fulfill the order. Sharda answers her well. She tells her to take care of Dadi if she doesn’t want to see her next time.

Pallavi gets angry at the workers as she doesn’t like their designs. Latika tells her that the real talent lies with Sharda and how will you snatch her talent. Pallavi decides to lower their salaries. Sakshi calls the jeweller to sell her ornaments. Sharda stops her and sells her mangalsutra and bangles. Jeweller says, it is worth 4 lakhs rupees. Client complaints to Suresh about the poor quality since they changed the company’s name. Karan feels bad to see his mom without mangalsutra.

Suresh calls Sharda and offers her a job as a designer in his company. Sharda says, she needs time to decide. Sakshi goes to the factory and tells Sharda that they will complete the order if worked for 19 hours a day. Workers get shocked to know that their salaries was lowered. Sharda comes there and says she doesn’t need Pallavi to make her identity. Workers realize their mistakes and goes with Sharda. Workers come back to work in Sharda’s factory. Shanaya gets shocked. They plan to finish the order before the deadline and be successful. Sharda thanks Sakshi for helping her in taking the decision.

Karan argues with Sakshi and takes out his anger on her as he is jobless. Sharda consoles Sakshi and blames herself. Sharda asks her to spend some time with Karan. Sakshi agrees. Pallavi keeps the medicines and milk for dadi. Dadi thinks Sharda has come. Chirag says no. Karan and Sakshi make up and have a hug. Shanaya thinks to trap Sakshi and tells the factory owner that that they can’t pay the rent. She signs Sakshi’s signatures. Karan argues with Sakshi and asks her to go to her mom’s house. Some people comes and locks the factory. They tell Sakshi that they sent notice to her which she signed. Sakshi gets shocked.

Sharda and Sakshi decides to work on the sarees from their house and start the work. All the workers join them. Karan talks to the broker and manages to get the factory keys somehow. Karan and Sakshi share some romantic moments. Some goons stares at Shanaya. Shanaya smiles at them. Karan goes and fights with the goons. He tells Shanaya that it is not right to smile looking at strangers and tells her that he is like her elder brother. Pallavi asks Dadi if she wants to go out and drops her at Sharda’s place. Dadi have a good time with Sharda, Sakshi and Karan. Keep reading.

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