Uma Devi gets fake kundli of Ajabde made; Panditji suggests Phool to marry Pratap first; Pratap unveils the truth and gets engaged to Ajabde in Sony’s Maharana Pratap.

In Maharana Pratap, Rukaiyya and Akbar’s mom asks Akbar to stop Bairam Khan’s execution. His mom reminds him about Bairam Khan doings and sacrifices for the state. Akbar starts thinking. Bairam Khan was about to be executed, Akbar stops the execution and declares his decision to sets him free. He orders him to stay out and not interfere with the army as they are planning to attack Pratap. Bairam Khan obliges. Maldev Ji decides to leave Bijolia as his daughter is not getting married to Pratap. Pratap requests him to stay back and convinces him. Ajabde’s kundli is needed by Panditji to take out the auspicious mahurat for Ajabde and Pratap’s wedding.

Hansa Bai searches for it but couldn’t find it. She thinks she has misplaced it and thinks to make a new kundli for her. She asks the Panditji to make a new kundli for Ajabde. Priest agrees.

Dheer Bai’s son steals Ajabde’s kundli to hinder Ajabde and Pratap’s wedding. Dheer Bai comes to know about it. She makes plan with Uma Devi. They plan to make fake kundli of Ajabde to stop her marriage with Pratap. Uma Devi gives the task of fake kundli to a pandit. Akbar gets ready to attack Pratap and asks Mehmood Shah’s army to join him. He agrees reluctantly. The pandit ji hired by Uma Devi makes fake Kundli of Ajabde. Ajabde gets her original kundli somehow. The Panditji sees the kundli and tells her that they can’t marry shocking her. Hansa Bai asks him to take out the solution. Panditji asks Ajabde to become Pratap’s second wife as it is the only solution. Ajabde gets thinking.

Pratap refuses to follow Panditji’s advice and even Ajabde. Everyone is shocked at the sudden turn of events. Uma Devi suggests to everyone that Phool shall be married to Pratap first and then Ajabde. Phool refuses to accept the proposal and locks herself in the room. Ajabde thinks Uma Devi is right and tries to convince Phool. She promises to marry Pratap after her. Phool gets convinced finally after much persuasion. Maldev Ji gets happy and convinces Pratap. Although Pratap doesn’t want to marry Phool but agrees for Ajabde’s sake.

Mamrath Ji asks them to proceed with the engagement preparations. Uday Singh and Maldev ji decide the venue for marriage to be Chittor. Chakrapani returns and is shocked to know about the marriage. He comes to know about fake kundli of Ajabde and thinks to go to the root of problem. He thinks to talk to Phool. Engagement function starts. The would be bride comes wearing the veil as per the tradition. Everyone wait anxiously to see her face. Dheer Bai shows Ajabde’s face. Everyone get shocked as Phool was supposed to be there excpet Pratap.

Pratap reveals the truth to everyone about Ajabde’s fake kundli. He tells that he wants to find the culprit who hide the original kundli. Phool tries to convince Maldevji to accept Pratap and Ajabde’s marriage. Maldev ji doesn’t agree and tells Uday Singh to get Pratap marry Phool first. Uday Singh rejects his proposal. Maldev ji gets angry and walks off. Phool and Uma Devi stay back. Uma Devi thinks to stop Pratap and Ajabde’s marriage somehow.

Akbar orders his army to get ready for war against Pratap as Mehmood Shah has accepted his request. After overcoming many troubles Pratap finally gets engaged to Ajabde. Everyone gets happy and rejoices the happy union of two states. Akbar gears up for the war. Bairam Khan requests him to take him for the war.Akbar refuses. Uma Devi tries to instigate Phool against Ajabde and asks her if she is really happy. She insists to stop the engagement if Phool tells her once that she wants to marry Pratap. Phool tells her that she has move on and is happy about Pratap and Ajabde’s alliance. Uma Devi feels bad and thinks Dheer Bai cheated her. She thinks how to stop the engagement.

Mamrath Ji and Uday Singh decide to get them married in the palace outside Chittor. Dheer Bai promises Uma Devi to help her. Bairam Khan gets a dream and he decides to be at Akbar’s side during the war. He meets Changrezi in the jungle and asks him to kill Pratap before the war. He agrees. Everyone rejoices at Bijolia. Uma Devi decides to stop the marriage and looks angrily. She plans to ruin Ajabde’s happiness. Keep reading.

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