Suraj-Chakor’s ‘Marital Relationship’ takes a leap in Udaan!

Suraj considers Chakor to be his beloved wife..

Kamal Narayan’s evilness knows no bounds and Chakor has the support of a majority family members to justify that truth will always triumph over evil in Udaan (Colors)

Amidst this situation, the show runs a parallel track with Chakor and Suraj gradually developing feelings for one another. Imli will soon be seen explaining to her the depth of a marital relationship and Chakor will then decide to wear sindoor and mangal sutra.

Here, Suraj will see her trying to fix the hook of the mangal sutra and will help her wear the ornament thereby symbolizing the fact that Suraj considers Chakor to be his beloved wife!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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