Shanaya lights the factory on fire while Sharda saves her, Meeta likes Sharda’s sarees and gives her a blank cheque, Pallavi diagnosed with bone cancer in Sony’s Ek Nayi Pehchaan.

In Ek Nayi Pehchaan, Pallavi scolds Chirag and Aarav when she sees them fighting. She asks Aarav to apologize to Chirag, but Aarav refuses. Suresh gets upset with Pallavi as she didn’t tell him about leaving Dadi at Sharda’s place and Suresh gets tensed about Dadi. He states that Sharda is much better than Pallavi, making Pallavi gets jealous. He is about to leave, Pallavi stops him. Suresh asks her to shut up. He realizes Sharda’s worth in his life and repents for cheating her.
Aarav apologizes to Chirag. Chirag doesn’t react and start arguing. Latika interferes. Aarav calls her Didi surprising her. Sakshi catches Shanaya messing with the clothes and threatens to call the police. Pallavi slaps Chirag as he was badmouthing about her. Latika takes his side and tells Suresh about it. Suresh comes to Karan’s house and leaves after meeting dadi. Sharda feels she needs Suresh still. Sharda tells Sakshi that Shanaya is Pallavi’s daughter.
Sharda explains to Sakshi that Shanaya might be feeling just like them and hopes she changes one day. Latika and Pallavi argue over patola saree designers. Latika tells her that Sharda is the best designer. Suresh takes Latika’s side and tells Pallavi that her stubborness shouldn’t effect the business. Suresh hears Shanaya speaking to Pallavi about Sharda’s business and thinks to help her out. Sharda tells Sakshi not to tell Karan about Shanaya as he gets angry soon. Sakshi thinks he will understand.
Pallavi sees a black cheque in Suresh’s briefcase and confronts him. Suresh tears the cheque. He then writes another blank cheque on Sharda’s name. Shanaya puts some chemical in the sewing machines. It stops working. Sharda and Sakshi understand it is Shanaya’s work.
Chirag gives medicines to Pallavi when she calls Aarav. Pallavi thanks him. Sharda enters the Modi House and tells Pallavi that the house is still under Sharda’s name. He tells Suresh that she doesn’t need his help. Suresh looks at angry Pallavi. Chirag tells Suresh that it was bad idea to send money to his mom after snatching her everything. Pallavi insults Suresh and tells him that Sharda showed him that she is not less than him. He never understood Sharda.
Factory work is going on full swing as the workers relatives also come to work. Sharda decides to go to the factory to count the sarees. Pallavi calls Shanaya and she didn’t pick the call. Pallavi gets tensed. Shanaya lights the factory on fire and smiles. She turns and finds herself trapped. She starts screaming. Sharda enters the factory and hears her screams. She wears the blanket and enters the flames. Shanaya tells her that she doesn’t want to be save by her. Sharda saves her and slaps her.
Pallavi enters the factory and calls the fire brigade on seeing the fire. She hides seeing Sharda saving her daughter. Sharda brings her home and asks Sakshi to call her parents. Doctor comes and checks Shanaya. Pallavi, Suresh and Aarav come to Sharda’s house. Police enquires about the accident. Sharda takes the blame on herself citing that she left a burning candle in the factory. Suresh scolds Sharda as Shanaya’s life was at risked.
Shanaya tells Suresh that she is responsible for the fire and he has no right to call Sharda irresponsible. Suresh is shocked. They go home. Dadi tells Suresh that he destroyed his family. Karan gets angry at Sakshi for hiding Shanaya’s truth with him. Shanaya thinks she has destroyed Sharda’s identity and crosses off Sharda’s face in the picture.
Sharda notices a burn on Sharda’s palm and gets the bandage done. Shanaya comes and apologizes to Sharda. Shanaya and Karan talk to each other. Meeta’s workers come to the factory and ask for the sarees. Sharda opens the drawer and takes out the sarees kept under God’s idol. Shanaya is shocked. Sharda tells everyone that their pehchaan is saved because of God.
Pallavi’s doctor comes to meet her and tells her that she is in last stage of bone cancer and asks her to tell her family. Pallavi thinks she will tell when the time is right. Meeta comes to Sharda and praises her sarees. She gives her blank cheque and tells her that she is going to be famous soon. Sharda and Sakshi get happy. Chirag confronts Shanaya over the fire accident in the factory. Shanaya asks him to proof that she was behind it.
Dadi sees them fighting and goes to Pallavi. She blames Pallavi for her bad upbringing. Pallavi tells her that it was Suresh’s fault after all. Dadi asks her, whether Sharda’s kids misbehaved with her at any time. Pallavi is speechless. Sakshi and Karan are happy. Sharda shows the blank cheque given by Meeta to Dadi, Chirag and Latika. Latika asks her what she wants to do. Sharda tells her that she doesn’t want to do the business. Keep reading.

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