Samaira makes Aditya confess that he is impotent, pretends to be caring towards him, Aditya gets suspicious though in Sony’s Main Na Bhoolungi.

Last week In Main Naa Bhoolungi, Samaira saves Aditya from Mohanto’s anger when Aditya gets locked in the vault by Samaira. Aditya didn’t know that Samaira is behind the planning and thanks her. He thinks she is his true life partner. Samaira shows fake concern for Aditya. Mahi’s inlaws plan to get the date of Mahi and Nimesh’s marriage finalised. Mahi gets emotional. Neeraj gives injection to Madhu. Samaira asks him to stay at their home so as to control Madhu’s madness. Neeraj agrees. Madhu offers him money, Neeraj tells her that he isn’t doing this for money.

Samaira and Aditya apologize to Mohanto. Mohanto forgives them. Samaira says, she planned an outing for them. Mohanto and Sunaina agrees. They are about to leave, Samaira pretends to be fainting. Sunaina asks her to rest. Samaira insists that they shall go and enjoy. Sunaina and Mohanto leaves. Samaira tells Aditya that she have some plan to make their evening special. She decorates the terrace beautifully and cooks the food for Aditya. Aditya gets moved by her gesture and thinks she is more romantic than him. They dance on the song and gets romantic. Neeraj gets burned in jealously. Madhu notices his displeasure. Aditya gifts her saree. Samaira goes to change the saree. Aditya sees someone wearing the same saree and hugs her. Samaira shouts at him from behind. Aditya gets shocked to see the servant wearing the same saree.

Samaira accuses him for eyeing a servant. Aditya tries to explain but she doesn’t listen to him. Madhu tries to get to know about Neeraj’s love for Samaira. He gets a call from the lawyer. Samaira hugs him happily. Police comes and arrests Aditya on molestation charges. Samaira gives the statement that she saw her husband hugging the maid. Everyone is shocked. Samaira continues that she did not feel that Aditya was misbehaving with Sarla.  Neeraj informs Madhu about Shikha putting Aditya behind bars on molestation charges. Madhu tells her that she doesn’t bother about him as he is Shikha’s husband now. Neeraj gives her injection making her fall unconscious.

Reporters asks Aditya about the case. One social activist blackens his face. Shikha recalls the past and thinks she took the revenge. Avinash’s family get happy hearing the news about Aditya’s arrest. Inspector asks Aditya to confess his crime. Aditya tells him the truth, but Inspector doesn’t believe him. He tries to bribe the Inspector. Inspector gets angry. Samaira meets the Inspector who tells her that he will help her in her fight and recalls Aditya killing Naik.

Samaira beats Aditya while he is tied and with eye masked on. He screams in pain. Samaira then bails him out and takes him home. Mohanto gets angry on Aditya saying his company’s reputation is tarnished because of him. Sunaina says we have to get Aditya out of this problem.  Lawyer suggests out of court settlement. Mohanto agrees. Mahi’s marriage date gets fixed. Avinash and his family get happy. Samaira asks Neeraj to inform the maid to agree for the out of court settlement. Samaira plans to shock him with her new plan. Madhu thinks Neeraj loves Shikha.

Samaira pretends to requests the maid to withdraw the case. She refuses at first and then asks for 2 crores rupees as a settlement amount. Aditya gets angry. Samaira offers to give them 5 crores for Aditya’s life. Samaira calls the reporters and gives the money to the maid. They tell Aditya that he will be jailed for trying to do the out of court settlement. Samaira tells them that Aditya is innocent and he can’t molest a woman even if he wants to. She tells them that Aditya is impotent. Aditya confirms the same and leaves the place. Samaira smirks.

Aditya comes home angrily. Samaira tells him that she tried to save him. He thinks her concern is fake now.  Mohanto and Sunaina think that Samaira did the right thing. Samaira asks Neeraj to give medicines to Madhu to spoil her health. Samaira tells Madhu that soon her brain will stop working. Madhu gets tensed and thinks to do something before she gets fully mad. Madhu requests Neeraj to take her out for sometime. Samaira tells Aditya that she loves him so much and wants his betterment. She makes him eat with her hands. Neeraj sees this and gets jealous. Madhu smiles. Aditya thinks Samaira is taking revenge on him and thinks to find out. Keep reading.

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