Sahir breaks the Jahanara dress box and saves Arzoo; Sahir scolds her for ruining the samples; Arzoo and Sarfaraz come face to face in Sony’s Humsafars.

In Humsafars, Sahir and Arzoo’s bags get exchanged. Arzoo gives him misscalls. Sahir gets annoyed with her missed calls and shouts at her. Arzoo calls him rude and asks him to return her bag. He tells her that his office would call her and tell her where to take the bag from and cuts the call. Alvira meets Sahir and they exchange Eid greetings. Sahir asks for his Eidi. Alvira replies to him that she is giving Zaki to him as she wishes to transfer her responsibilities to him. Anam and Sahir are shocked. Sahir’s assistant calls Arzoo and asks her to take her bag from some location. Arzoo calls her house and gets emotional talking to her mom Nausheen. Anam meets Zaki and taunts him. He tells her that Sahir wants him to be the VP of Saiyyara, but he just wants to be free and not become a VP or something. Anam smirks. Arzoo goes to take her bag and just then sees the dress which Sahir has brought, when the glass door of the box closes and she gets trapped inside.

Sahir and Anam come there, but do not hear her voice. Fashion show starts and Anam announces to unveil the dress in sometime. Meanwhile Arzoo starts to choke in the confined box and tries to come out. Sahir is about to announce the VP of his company but just then Zaki comes in a drunkard state. They bring the box to unveil it. Sahir is shocked to see Arzoo inside with the dress. Both of them are shocked. He sees her choking so takes a lantern light post and breaks open the glas angrily. He takes her to back room and asks who she is. Arzoo says her bag was exchanged with his in airport. They both get into argument and he says she is not worth to argue. He starts insulting her father, etc. She gets angry and throws mobile on him. Reporter comes there and introduces him as Saiyara group’s MD. Arzoo is shocked. She runs and dollides with Zaki.

Arzoo comes home and thinks her boss Sahir will fire her on the first day itself. Sahir and Alvira scold Zaki. Zaki promises to mend his ways and hugs Sahir apologetically. Arzoo talks to her family who suggest her to apologize to Sahir. Next morning she reaches office to start her internship and goes into Sahir’s cabin to apologise to him.Sahir gets furious at her and asks her to get out. He comes home and sees Arzoo. He asks her who brought her here. Alvira introduces the two of them. She asks Sahir if he has any objections. Sahir says no. Later Arzoo tells Alvira about their fight. Alvira thinks Sahir forgave Arzoo and it seems interesting.

Arzoo comes to office and calls Nausheen. It is revealed that Arzoo’s estranged father Sarfaraz also works in Saiyara Creations as he talks to the employees. Anam asks Sarfaraz to get designs at the office. He tells her that he is busy and asks Anam to send someone to his house to pick the designs. Anam tells Sahir about it. Sahir asks Arzoo to fetch the samples from Sarfaraz’s house. Arzoo reaches the given address. Safaraz’s second wife Farha opens the door and goes to bring the sample. Arzoo comes inside and sees Sarfaraz’s photo with Farha and she realises that it is Sarfaraz’s house. Farha hears her addressing Sarfaraz as abbu and taunts Arzoo. She then taunts her mom Nausheen. Arzoo controls her anger. Farha keeps on insulting her. Arzoo gives her a good reply and walks off with the samples.

She walks on the road cryingly and gets drenced in rain water. Meanwhile she is about to hit by Zaki’s car, but he puts the brakes on time. Arzoo gets shocked as the samples get damaged because of rain water. Sahir gets some bad news from a doctor over the phone and starts ruining his room. He gets angry and cries. Arzoo comes home and goes to make tea for her. Sahir comes there and sees the designs in bad condition. He orders her to get the designs/samples in good condition tomorrow at his office else he will sue her. She gets tensed. Alvira hears her sneezing and gives her herbal tea to drink. Anam scolds her. Alvira consoles her and encourages her. Arzoo calls Nausheen who tells her home remedy to clean the samples. Arzoo thinks not to tell her anything about Farha.

Arzoo cleans the samples and gives it to Sahir. Anam thinks it is not the same samples. Arzoo says she used old home remedy to clean them and apologizes to Sahir. Sahir gets impressed. Farha brainwashes Sarfaraz against Arzoo. Sarfaraz calls her but she disconnects his call. Farhna tells him that Arzoo must have thrown his samples. Anam tells Sahir that Arzoo is Sarfaraz’s daughter and asks him to hire Arzoo permanently and fire Sarfaraz. Anam asks Arzoo to call Sarfaraz and tells him about dismissing from work. Arzoo hesitanly agrees and informs Sarfaraz. Sarfaraz calls Nausheen to taunt her, but Dadi picks the call and warns him.

Sarfaraz reaches Sayyara in the morning and gets angry seeing Arzoo. Sarfaraz gets into Sahir’s cabin and requests him not to dismiss him from work. Sahir gives him ticket and asks him to go back to Lucknow as he cannot afford being at Mumbai. He asks for a chance. Sahir asks him to stop working with his rivals. Anam gives back his sample. He asks who spoilt his sample. She says new intern spoilt it and points at Arzoo. Arzoo tells him that he was dismissed because of his betrayal with Sayyara and not for spoilt sample. Sahir calls Arzoo and asks what relationship she has with Sarfaraz.Arzoo says whatever relationship she has with Sarafaraz, she is now an employee of Sayyara and will not betray him. Farha calls Arzoo and taunts her. Arzoo gets tensed and answers a good reply. Keep reading.