Rajveer and Nandini get married again in Sony TV’s Desh Ki Beti Nandini.

In Desh Ki Beti Nandini, Rajveer had an accident while working for the temple. Nandini applies ointment to Rajveer’s injuries. They discusses on how to complete Temple work. Rajveer gets an idea and asks the men to get batteries. Rajveer arranges light with the help of batteries. Nandini calls water tanker. Everyone start working again. Nandini serves dinner to Rajveer. Rajveer is adjusting himself to the new environment. Abhay and Gayatri Devi watch them. Gayatri Devi says, she can go to any length to separate them. After completing the temple work, everyone thank Rajveer and go to their homes. Nandini too thanks him.
In the morning, all the society people reach the temple. Goons comes and threaten them to vacate the temple. Ritu informs Rajveer about the goons attacking on the temple. Nandini argues with the goons. A goons tries to attack Nandini but Rajveer comes and stops him. He fights with the goons and gets injured. All the society people attack the goons.

Rajveer falls on the ground. Nandini tears her saree cloth and ties on Rajveer’s wounds. Everyone thanks Rajveer and Nandini and asks them to pray in the temple. They pray in the temple. Pandeyji is happy. Nandini packs her bags for going back with Rajveer. Her mom asks her to forgive Rajveer and tells her that Rajveer has done a lot to rectify his mistake. She asks her to give good news soon. Nandini gets shy and smiles.

Divya tells Dadi that Rajveer and Nandini are coming back. All the family members discuss about Nandini. Gayatri Devi and Abhay get shocked hearing about Nandini’s return. Dadi plans to welcome them. Dadi declares the date for Divya and Gautam’s engagement. Abhay scolds the goons. It is shown that Abhay sent the goons on Gayatri Devi’s order. Gayatri Devi gets worried.

Rajveer and Nandini leaves from the Pandey house on the scooty rather than a car. There is some good moments between them. Rajveer and Nandini enjoy the bike ride. Rajveer and Nandini come home. Swaroop and Uttara get shocked seeing them on the bike. Nandini collides with Abhay. Abhay asks her, how she is back? Nandini tells him that she is back home because of Rajveer’s love and says he can’t understand love. Abhay thinks he is in love with Nandini.

Rajveer asks, what Abhay was talking? Nandini says, he is happy for us. Dadi scolds Nandini and Rajveer and asks them never to leave each other. She asks them to sort their differences at home. They hold their ears and make a promise to Dadi. Dadi does their aarti and asks them to start their life afresh. She informs them about Divya’s engagement.

Swaroop and Uttara speak about Nandini talking to Abhay. Rajveer takes Nandini’s side and asks them not to doubt Nandini. Nandini is thankful to Rajveer. Gayatri Devi scolds Rajveer for speaking badly with the family members. She reminds him that his wedding is based on a lie. Rajveer says, Nandini is his wife. Rajveer gifts a bridal gift to Nandini. Nandini reads the note.

Rajveer plans a surprise wedding for Nandini. He invites her family. Everyone wonders what he is upto? Rajveer says, he is making his marriage stronger with Nandini. He will marry her once again and this time they will vow from heart. They get married according to the customs and takes elders blessings. Ritu asks him, where he is taking Nandini for honeymoon. Gayatri Devi says, he is busy with elections. Abhay feels bad.

Gayatri Devi tells Rajveer that she is sure that Rajveer will win public hearts like the way he won Nandini. Divya takes Abhay and Sid to Nandini’s room as she wants to decorate the room for their wedding night. Abhay thinks Nandini is his and deserves to be with him. Nandini’s family leaves after Rajveer promises to keep Nandini happy. Rajveer gets romantic with Nandini. Abhay sees them and get jealous. Nandini gets shy and blushes. Uttara and Swaroop taunt Nandini. Dadi asks Gayatri Devi to let Nandini and Rajveer spend some time.

Nandini and Rajveer are in the car. Nandini cries with happiness. Rajveer promises to keep her happy all their life. Rajveer and Nandini are surprised to see the room decorated. Rajveer kisses Nandini’s hand and gets romantic. Gayatri Devi enter their bedroom and asks Rajveer to come outside. Nandini looks at Gayatri Devi with surprised. What will Gayatri Devi do to separate Nandini and Rajveer? What will Abhay do for his love? Keep reading Desh Ki Beti Nandini.