Rajat to play cupid to unite Ram and Priya in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Last week Ram and Priya met Vidya Balan during the promotion of the latter’s film. Priya gets jealous seeing Ram complimenting Vidya. Vidya asks them to say few words about side effects of marriage. Ram and Priya speak about their experiences. Vidya thinks that something is wrong between them. She suggests Priya to mend ways with Ram. Priya thinks to reconcile with Ram. Meanwhile at the other end, Ram gets angry thinking about Priya’s opinion about their marriage. He thinks she has hurt him so much. He thinks to make their trip professional and tells that he will try to patch up with Priya. Priya thinks about Vidya’s words that Ram has his eyes on her.

Vikram calls Priya and tells her that Ram is having an affair with his employee. He tells her that that Ram went to Delhi with his special employee. Priya jumps in happiness. Priya tells Vikram that she will talk to him later. She tells, Ram is having an affair with me and I myself don’t know. It is  very complicated, but I like it. She gets excited thinking Ram is on the patch up spree. She thinks to live the sweet moments with Ram. She thinks to make the trip personal and memorable. Suhani and Khush decide to watch movie together.

Pihu comes to the same hotel where Ram and Priya are staying. She was going to Kashmir with Sammy but because of the bad weather they are forced to stop at Delhi. Vikram gets sad thinking about Ram having an affair with someone. He shares his worries with Cady. Ram calls Priya and asks her to prepare presentation. Priya prepares the presentation. After working for hours, Priya thinks to have dinner. She comes to the dinner area.

Manager announces that today it will be candle light romantic dinner. Priya smiles. She asks the waiter to help her find the table. He says tables are full and asks her to share the table with someone. Priya agrees as she is hungry. She sits on the table and thinks about Ram. Ram is sitting at the other side of table and thinks of Priya. Both are oblivious to each other’s presence. Pihu is also sitting on the other table. Priya thinks the idea of candle light dinner is good and romantic. Ram lits the candle. He sees Priya in candle light. Priya also looks at him. They are surprised to see each other and start argumenting. Ram asks Priya to shift to some other table. Priya says, she is hungry and none of the tables are vacant. Ram says, I will shift then. He calls the manager. Manager requests him to adjust with her. Ram agrees. Priya smiles.

Mayra calls Pihu and asks about her honeymoon in Kashmir.  Pihu tells her that they halt at Delhi due to the bad weather and they have to book the flight tickets again. Pihu hears Ram voice but couldn’t see him. she continues her talk with Mayra. Mayra jokes with her and says you will feel hot in Kashmir as my hot jiju is with you. Pihu blushes. Juhi takes the call and talks sweetly with Pihu. Pihu thanks her for understanding her so well and feels bad as Priya couldn’t support her. Juhi smirks. Suhani vomits in the night. Khush gets tensed and says we will go to the gynaec. Suhani says, it is normal in pregnancy. Ram and Priya are sitting for dinner. Priya orders 5 parathas where Ram orders a juice. They tease each other childishly.

Priya gets Vikram’s call. Vikram asks, are you fine? Priya says, how can you think he will get a girl at this age and weight? It is not that easy. If he gets then what is the guarantee that she will handle his temper. Vikram is surprised.
Vikram tells Priya that Ram is calling him. Ram calls and threatens him to tell Neha about him. Vikram says, I came to know about the special woman in your life. Ram and Priya smiles.

Priya sees Ram forgetting his medicines in her room. She goes to give his medicines.  Priya tells him that she saw him forgetting to take the medicines. Ram says, medicines gives temporary cure and he needs permanent cure. Priya asks him to change his perception and look at the front. Ram says, what is the guarantee that my medicine would return. Priya says, may be it will return. Just try to get it back. She gives him medicines.

Mamaji congrats Juhi for throwing Priya out of the house. Juhi tells him that Sid is her future and she is very happy with him. Mamaji and Puhi shake hands to bring Khush back to Kapoor Mansion.

Ram and Priya are working for the presentation. Ram asks Priya to distribute the investments into small parts. Priya says, I hope you shall have apply it in personal life. Ram asks her to bold the profit. Priya writes in big font. Ram is boggled. Ram meets Pihu outside Priya’s room. He is shocked and wonders what to do now as Pihu might get angry if she knows about Priya.

Rajat comes to Mumbai for meeting his fans. He tells the organiser that someone’s thoughts changed his mind and perception and that’s what influenced in his writing. He gives the credit to Priya and recalls her. Meanwhile Suhani who is waiting for an auto falls down, unable to bear the hot sun in pregnancy. Rajat rushes her to the hospital and recalls seeing her at the hospital during Priya’s treatment. He calls Cady and tells her to come to the hospital. Cady comes and hugs him. She tells him that she called him for Ram and Priya and tells him everything. She tells him that Pihu is the reason for their seperation. Rajat determines to bring them closer to each other.

Ram and Priya come to have lunch. Ram orders exotic juice. Priya thinks to try the juice as it sounds exotic. Priya drinks the juice with wine mixed in it and gets dizzy. Ram gets shocked. He brings her to her room and makes her sleep. He goes out of the room and sees Pihu standing. He gets shocked. Stay tuned to know what happens next. How Ram will be able to hide Priya from Pihu? Will Rajat succeed in uniting Ram and Priya. Stay tuned.