Priya suspects Juhi for Sammy’s murder, Juhi hugs her ex husband shocking everyone in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, Pihu realizes her mistake after Priya saves her from the attack. Khush informs her that Priya got consciousness. Pihu hugs and apologizes to him. They reminiscence their childhood days. Priya tells Khush and Pihu to behave normally like before. She asks them to pretend to be at war. She tells her plan to Pihu and Khush. Pihu comes to Juhi and pretends to hates Priya. Juhi gets happy thinking Pihu is still against Priya. Pihu feels bad as she bad mouths about Priya. Khush calls Pihu and gives her POA papers. Pihu takes the papers happily as per their plan. Priya says, I don’t believe that my kids are fighting for POA. Sid asks Juhi to sign on some papers. Juhi asks him to wait. Sid says, he can’t wait and needs signature immediately. Juhi insists. Sid agrees. Juhi thinks she is thinking big and he after small deal.

Natasha feels bad seeing Khush and Pihu fighting. Priya tells them that it was her plan to know the Sammy’s murderer. Pihu gets gloves in Sid’s room. She comes to Priya and shows her the glove. She asks her to keep it back on its place. Priya asks money from Pihu as she needs it to give to Ram’s lawyers. Pihu refuses to give it to Priya. Juhi says, I will give you the money. Sid asks her to just let it be.

Juhi comes to Pihu and gives her some papers to sign. Pihu says ok. Juhi comes back to Sid and asks him to wait patiently. Pihu brings the signed docume nts and gives it to Juhi. Juhi asks, did you read it? Pihu says, she trust her and doesn’t need to read it. Sid checks the papers and slaps Juhi. Pihu sees it and gets happy. Pihu informs Priya about Sid slapping Juhi. Priya asks her not to risk her life again. Juhi comes and sees Pihu and Priya hugging each other. She gets shocked and decides to find Pihu and Priya’s plan to trap her. Inspector calls Priya and informs her that they got some proof to prove Ram innocent.

Pihu goes to Shergill’s house and gives Sammy’s stuff to Cady and Rahul. She gets emotional remembering him. Rahul consoles her. Inspector informs Priya and Pihu that drugs was found in Sammy’s blood and he might be involved in the drugs racket. Priya confronts Sid and asks him to tell the truth. Sid tells her that he was manipulated by someone. He tells her that he had just stolen the proof, but was not involved in the murder. Sid gets unconscious.

Khush sees someone listening them and follows him. Priya tries to wake him. Juhi comes and sees him unconscious. Khush sees Suhani. Suhani tells him that she came from the washroom. They head towards Sid’s room. Doctor comes and gives injection to Sid. Priya tells Pihu that Sid confessed to have added drugs in Sammy’s drink. Pihu says, that’s why he behaved weirdly. They gets emotional. Juhi calls someone and asks him to do the work soon. Natasha and Kady talk about Pihu and Priya.

Khush brings juice to Suhani and forcibly makes her drink. He brings Suhani to a decorated room full of teddies. Suhani gets emotional. Suhani says, you are father of my child. She says, Khush is giving her protection and care.

Juhi calls the lawyer and asks him to transfer property on her name. Priya hears her conversation. Priya asks her if she is doing this for property. Priya says, she knows that she brainwashed Pihu against her. Juhi tells Priya that Ram betrayed her after promising to marry her. She says, she married Sid for her daughter. Priya says, she will transfer property on her name as she auctioned her motherhood.

Priya tells Natasha that Juhi betrayed them. Vikram asks Kady to arrange his meeting with Priya. Juhi calls someone and informs that Priya is searching for Sammy’s murderer. She asks him to wait. Mamaji and Sid overhear her. Mamaji tells Sid, do you believe me now. Mamaji tells Sid that we shall follow Juhi if we wants to know about Sammy’s murderer. Priya and Natasha come there. They start following Juhi. Priya calls the lawyer and asks if Juhi’s papers ready. Lawyer says, they are in the hotel. They reach the hotel and follow Juhi. Juhi meets someone and hugs him. They are shocked to see Juhi hugging her ex husband Rajeev. Keep reading.

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