Pallavi dies after making Suresh apologize to Sharda; Sharda decides to stay back at Modi house; Shanaya decides to asks for her share in property in Sony’s Ek Nayi Pehchaan.

In Ek Nayi Pehchaan, Shanaya comes home after partying hard. Karan takes her to her room. Shanaya tells him that his mom wants her to accept her as her mom. Sharda comes and asks him to go as she will handle Shanaya. Sharda removes her sandals and covers her with blanket. Shanaya kisses her hand thinking her to be Pallavi. Sharda asks the God to give her strength. Sharda makes kaadha for her and thinks to make her understand. Sharda makes Laddoos for Rakshabandhan Puja. Kids get happy. Latika asks for an expensive gift from Karan.


Sakshi gets emotional as she isn’t having any brother. Sharda tells her that Chirag and Aarav will be her brothers. Chirag brings gift for her. She gets emotional. Pallavi asks her kids to celebrate the festival with Sharda’s kids. Aarav agrees while Shanaya refuses. Sharda explains to Shanaya that Pallavi won’t be able to die peacefully if she sees her upset. She promises to take care of them.


Shanaya comes and ties the Rakhi on Karan’s wrist. Pallavi gets happy. Pallavi gifts bangles to Sharda. Sharda gets emotional. Dadi talks about Suresh and Sharda’s incomplete marriage. Pallavi thinks to unite them. Pallavi asks Sharda to sign on some legal papers. Sharda shockingly signs it. Pallavi talks to her lawyer about the case against Suresh’s identity. Sakshi supports Pallavi. Shanaya smirks.


Suresh gets shocked. Lawyer asks him to talk to Sharda and agrees her to testify that he is Suresh Modi. Suresh talks to Sharda and asks her to write that he is her husband Suresh Modi. Pallavi reminds him that he has not given her respect and their marriage was incomplete. Suresh asks his kids to support him. Latika signs on the papers followed by Chirag, but Karan refuses to sign unless Sharda signs it. Suresh comes to Sharda and asks her to sign on the papers. Sharda refuses saying he never acknowledged her as his wife infront of everyone.


Pallavi asks him to apologize to Sharda. Suresh tells her that he is giving her the status of his wife. Pallavi asks him to apologize to Sharda. Suresh apologizes to her without any feelings. Pallavi asks him to apologize to her again. Suresh flatly refuses and walks out. Shanaya tries to fill Suresh’s ears against Sharda and asks him to beware of her. Pallavi gifts her ancestral jewellery to Sakshi as her mum in law. Sakshi gets emotional and thanks her. Shanaya taunts Sakshi. Sakshi gives her a good reply which surprises her.


Sharda gets tensed. Suresh tells her that she was never worth to be his wife and has been insulting him infront of his kids. Sharda is shocked. Sakshi supports Sharda and tells her that it is a sin to bear injustice. She asks her not to bear the insult. Suresh talks to his lawyer. Pallavi asks her lawyer to go ahead with the case as Suresh is not bending infront of Sharda. Police comes and arrests Suresh for keeping double identity. Karan requests the Inspector to let him talk to his Dad.


Sharda asks Pallavi not to punish Suresh so harshly. Pallavi asks her to fight for her rights. Suresh is happy thinking that Karan would sign on the papers. Karan refuses and bids him good bye. Karan, Latika and Chirag ask him to apologize to Sharda. Suresh gets shocked. Suresh decides to apologize to Sharda. He comes to her and accepts his mistakes. He bends down on his knees and apologizes to her for his rude behavior etc. Pallavi tells the Inspector that Sharda has taken the complaint back. Sharda agrees. Pallavi gets unconscious and falls down. Doctor tells everyone that she is critical. They decide to take her to the hospital, but Pallavi tells them that she wants to live her last days at home.


Sharda and Sakshi pray to God for Pallavi’s painful death. Suresh thanks Pallavi for making him realize his mistake and sits at her bedside. Shanaya comes to Sharda’s room and hits sharda-suresh photo with a bat. Sharda slaps her to control her. Sharda explains to her that Pallavi is dying and she should be at her side. Shanaya cries hugging her. Pallavi asks Suresh to call everyone. She asks Suresh to fill Sharda’s forehead with vermillion. Suresh agrees. She asks Sharda to love her kids like hers. Sharda promises to love them more than her kids. She promises to always take care of family and never leave them. Pallavi dies at the very moment. Everyone cry.


The show takes a leap of one month. Sharda remembers Pallavi and lights lamp infront of her photo. Karan and Sakshi tell her that they shall leave now. Sharda reminds them that she had promised Pallavi that she won’t leave this house. She refuses to leave the house. Sharda stops Shanaya from leaving the house. Shanaya agrees as it was her mom’s last wish. Shanaya tells Aarav that she will asks for her share on property from Sharda. Sakshi hears them.


Dadi asks Suresh not to hurt Sharda again. He promises her and says he realized his mistakes. Suresh thanks Sharda for accepting him as her husband. Sharda tells him that she will remain their kids’ maa and dadi’s DIL but not his wife as Pallavi will always be between them. Suresh gets sad. Keep reading.