Jaivanti Bai gets angry on Ajabde; Ajabde reveals to everyone about Uma Devi’s crimes;Pratap and Ajabde get married in Sony’s Maharana Pratap.

In Maharana Pratap, Dheer Bai and Jaivanti Bai caught Ajabde in Pratap’s room as she came to meet him after hearing the attack on Pratap. Ajabde apologizes to everyone. Jaivanti Bai refuses to accept her apology and reminds her of their customs that a groom can’t see his bride’s face after the haldi ceremony. Dheer Bai brings Uday Singh there. Hansa Bai and questions Phool and gets upset knowing that Ajabde went to meet Pratap. Dheer Bai asks Uday Singh to talk to Ajabde’s Parents about Ajabde meeting Pratap before the wedding. She provokes Uday Singh. Uday Singh decides to talk to Mamrath ji. He invites Ajabde’s parents to Chittor palace. Phool takes the blame on her. Ajabde apologizes to Pratap. Pratap promises to support her. Mamratji Ji gets angry on knowing about it.

Dheer Bai insults Ajabde’s parents and talks about the dharma etc. Ajabde loses her cool and reveals how Uma Devi tried to stop this marriage. She tells about the stolen sword, poisonous haldi and changing of kundlis. She tells that they don’t want them to get married. Phool tells the same thing in support of her and apologizes for Uma Devi’s crimes. Uday Singh gets angry at Uma Devi. Uma Devi gets tensed and shocked. Phool feels bad as Uma Devi is behind everything and tries to leave. Jaivanti Bai and Pratap stop Phool from leaving. Pratap gets angry at Ajabde for accusing Dheer Bai. Jaivanti Bai talks to Pratap about it.

Jaivanti Bai asks Ajabde to apologize to Dheer Bai. Ajabde folds her hands and apologizes to Dheer Bai. Dheer Bai doesn’t have any option but to forgive Ajabde. Uday Singh asks Ajabde’s parents to proceed with the wedding preparations. Pratap is still angry on Ajabde and looks at her angrily while she smiles. Dheer Bai notices it. Uma Devi gets worried as she could n’t convince Phool to come with her. Phool decides to stay at the palace till Pratap and Ajabde’s marriage. Puja starts at Chittor palace. Uma Devi is sad as Dheer Bai went against her again. Dheer Bai pleads her to listen to her once. Uma Devi doesn’t listen. Dheer Bai is in tears and vows to kill Ajabde with Mamrath ji’s golden sword.

Veer Bai gets ready for the puja. She collides with Uday Singh. He gets mesmerised by her beauty and holds her. They are about to kiss each other when Jaivanti Bai sees it and pretends to cough. They get conscious. Jaivanti Bai hides her emotions but gets hurt. Akbar and Mehmood Shah decide to leave for Chittor the next day for the attack. Rawatji tightens the security at the Palace and assures Uday Singh of the safety. Pratap gets ready. Jaivanti Bai does his aarti and he leaves for Senthi Palace. While Pratap is on the way, the Bheels stop Pratap and the Baraati’s. They get confused.
The Bheel sardar and his commanders bless Pratap. Pratap invites them to join the Baraat. They agree. The baraat leaves for the Senthi Palace. Mamrath Ji and Hansa Bai’s are happy as Ajabde will be getting married to Pratap. Baraat reaches the Palace. Pratap looks stunning. Ajabde gets ready for the grand wedding. She asks Phool about Pratap. Ajabde finds out that Pratap is still angry on her and gets upset. Hansa welcomes the baraat and does Pratap’s aarti. The baratis go inside while Pratap completes the rituals. Everyone is happy. Uday Singh gives their ancestral clothes and ornament to Ajabde as a part of ritual. Pratap is asked to pass the bravery test and he successfully passes it. Hansa invites him inside. Pratap is called at the mandap.He sits for the marriage.

Ajabde is brought to the mandap by Phool and Saubhagyawati. They make her sit. Phool stands behind Ajabde. Pratap and Ajabde sit for their marriage. They perform all the marriage rituals. Hansa Bai does their gatbandan. Pratap and Ajabde look at each other with smile on their faces. Panditji asks Pratap to fill Ajabde’s maang with sindoor. Pratap puts sindoor on Ajabde’s maang. They proceed with Jaimala ceremony and exchange garlands. Dheer Bai wears a turban on her head and dresses up differently. She plans to welcome them differently. Jaivanti Bai helps Veer Bai dresses up nicely and tells her that today she will get her wifey rights.

Dheer Bai gets to know of Javanti Bai’s plan and gets shocked. She drops the sword in shock. Everyone is shocked to see her attire.Pratap and Ajabde exchange the wedding vows while taking the rounds. They are declared as husband and wife. Everyone get happy. They take elders’ blessings. Dheer Bai lies to Jaivanti Bai and this makes Jaivanti Bai scolds her. Pratap and Ajabde are taken in the hall. Jaivanti Bai explains about the rituals to them. She explains their place on the throne. Keep reading.

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