Bhanwar Watch online Bhanwar (English: Whirlpool) is a critically acclaimed television docudrama series based on landmark judgments from the Indian judicial system. The series was produced by TV18 and was originally telecast on Sony Entertainment Television (India) in the late 1990s. It later enjoyed reruns on SAB TV, and currently on Fox History & Entertainment. It won Jury’s Choice for the Best Investigative series at the Videocon-Screen Awards in 1999.

In Tum Aise Hi Rehna, Abhi meets Ria and leaves. Ria tells Lata that Abhi came to see her mehendi. Abhi sits for her haldi rituals. All the ladies apply haldi on his face one by one. They decide to get a camel ride for Abhi on his marriage day, after discussing with each other. Abhi calls Ria. Ria asks him to look at the moon from the window and promise seven vows before their marriage. Abhi promises to fulfill all the seven vows set by her. Ria gets happy. Revathi checks the wedding guest list and tells Rukmani that their list is small. Rukmani says their guest list is not less than thousand people and goes on praise their clan. Abhi gets ready for his marriage. He looks at Jatin’s photo with him and gets sad. Ria also gets well for her big day. Lata takes off the evil eye and applies kajal.

Ria gets Mrs. Bhalla’s call. Lata picks the call and tells her that Ria can’t come as it is her marriage today. Ria then calls Mrs. Bhalla who insists her to come to hospital as she gets nervous. Ria assures her that she will come. She tells Lata that she have to go and asks her to manage. Lata asks her not to go as baraat can come at any time. Ria says it is very urgent. Vishesh says they will manage. Ria climbs down the balcony and gets down on the camel, which Rukmani has send for the vidaai ceremony. She goes to the hospital hurriedly.

Abhi comes with the baraat to Ria’s home. They greet them. Lata does Abhi’s aarti and invites them to come in. Didi scolds Vishesh for letting Ria go to the hospital and gets tensed. Rukmani tells Lata that they will do Tilak Rasam and asks Lata to call the bride. Lata gets tensed. Ria gives medicines and injection to Mrs. Bhalla. She assures her that everything will be fine. Mrs. Bhalla gets stable and thanks her. She wishes her best for her married life. Rukmani’s family welcome Maha pandit who has come to blesses the couple.

Abhi calls Ria. Ria informs her that she is in the hospital as Mrs. Bhalla called her. Abhi gets tensed. Ria calls Arzoo and asks her to handle the matter. Arzoo tries to divert Rukmani’s mind and makes her busy for sometime. Abhi too gets her busy. Rukmani asks Lata again to bring the bride for the puja. Lata gets very tensed and calls Ria. Ria informs her that she has left the hospital but is on the road waiting for an auto. Just then Mr. Bhalla come there and offers to drop her home. His car breaks down at the middle of the way and she gets down on the road. Some goons see her and tries to steal her jewellery, but Ajaz and Rakhi from BCL save her and beat the goon. They offer to drop her to the marriage venue. Everyone get impatient for the wedding ceremonies to start, Rukmani gets angry as Ria has not come down. She again asks Lata to bring Ria. Didi brings Lata who is dressed up as a bride. She cover her face and sit in place of Ria.

Abhi gets tensed and thinks who is sitting on Ria’s place and tries to see her face. Lata hides her face though. Rukmani asks the bride Lata to show her face. Didi asks her to do the tilak rasam just without seeing her face. Rukmani gets irked. Ria comes home and calls Lata. She asks her to come to her room. Abhi hears Lata talking and concludes that it is his sasumaa sitting on Ria’s place. Lata asks Didi to take her inside on some pretext. Didi tells Rukmani that she has to take both bride and groom inside to take the blessings of Gods. Rukmani gets irked again. Didi takes Lata and Abhi inside. Vishesh tells Ria that Lata sat on her place to hide the fact. Ria hugs Lata and thanks her. Lata then changes her clothes and takes Ria to the marriage altar. Everyone gets happy seeing her. Abhi and Ria do the ritual together. Then they are about to sit for their marriage, just then Jatin enters shocking everyone.

Rukmani gets very angry seeing him. She asks who called him and insults Jatin. Ria tells her that she called Jatin to do the brotherly duties as she doesn’t have any brother. Rukmani thinks that Ria had called him to humiliate her and family. She says she has disregarded her feelings and intentionally invited him to the wedding. She goes to the room. Jatin says he doesn’t know that Ria is getting married to Abhi, else he would not have come. Ria asks him to give just 5 mins and assures to convince Rukmani to let him attend the wedding. She goes to talk to Rukmani and requests her to let Jatin do the brotherly duties. Rukmani tells her that she can’t bear Jatin even for a second and asks he to go ahead with the marriage. Ria refuses to marry without her blessings.

Rukmani’s husband Kailash asks her to accept Ria’s request. Rukmani gives up because of family pressure and agrees to let Jatin do the rituals for 5 mins only. Ria thanks her. Ria and Abhi exchange garlands. Jatin does the ghatbandhan and do the brotherly duties. He wishes Ria and Abhi and leaves. Rukmani comes there now. Abhi and Ria get married finally. They come home. Rukmani asks Ria to push the kalash and enter the house. Rukmani hugs her and says that she can’t enter her heart. Ria gets shocked and refuses to do the kalash ritual unless Rukmani accepts her. Keep reading.

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