Aman realizes his feelings for Neha; Gayatri gets shocked knowing Aman’s refusal to marry Akanksha; Dadi continues to insult Neha in Sony’s Itti Si Khushi.

In Itti Si Khushi, Neha shows the ball to Aman which she had kept with herself safely all these years. She tries to convince Aman to start playing cricket again. Aman gets thinking as her words echo in his head. He thinks he had shut those dreams somewhere, but Neha is still nursing them with little hopes. He realizes that she want his happiness more than her. Neeta talks to Akanksha and assures her that Aman’s nature is like that and asks her not to feel guilty. She asks her to come home as her bhabhi. Karthik and Gayatri have an argument when Karthik tells her that he cannot be great like bhaiya and sacrifice all his happiness just to become a good boy for her. He feels pity on Aman and refuses to become her puppet like Aman.

Sandeep brings the saree for Shagun. Sunita likes it. Aman still thinks about Neha and wonders whether Neha is the right girl for his happiness. Sandeep and Shagun come home tensedly as Sandeep failed to pay the restaurant bill. He forgot that he didn’t have balance in his account. Neha thinks to talk to them. Aman’s behavior shakes up Gayatri and she starts thinking. Aman takes out his cricket kit and looks at it happily. He takes out his bat from the bag and starts aiming in the air. Gayatri notices the voice and goes to Aman’s room. She gets shocked to see him practicing cricket.

Aman notices his mother standing in shock and keeps the cricket kit inside. Gayatri recalls the promise that he will never play cricket again. Shagun feels bad as Sandeep couldn’t pay 4000 Rs bail. Sandeep gets angry as she always talks about money. They fight with each other. Neha brings Suraj to their room. Neha makes them realize their importance in each other’s lives. Sandeep and Shagun apologize to each other and patch up.

Gayatri talks to Aman about his father chasing dreams which never fulfilled. She says, neither could I understand his dreams nor could he make me understand. Aman comforts her mom and assures that he will never playing cricket again. he puts his head in her lap and looks at the cricket ball. She too is in tears. He remembers Neha’s words of fulfilling his dreams. Neeta notices Aman’s love for Neha and realizes that Aman is unaware of it and gets worried about Akanksha. She talks to Aman and asks him to rethink about marrying Akanksha. Neha makes her thermocol house for Diwali. Aman looks at her and smiles. She talks about their childhood incident.

Aman tells her that he has brought a gift for her and shows the same ball. He continues that you kept this dream safely with you for all these years. I am scared what if I throw it in the dustbin if it is with me. I have anyways forgotten how to catch. She takes it from him and have an eye lock.Gayatri gets upset with Karthik as he didn’t turn up. They leave for Agarwal house for meeting them on Diwali occasion. Dida asks Neha to do aarti today. Neha does the aarti happily and rushes to give it to Aman excitedly saying I did aarti today. Aman smiles. Everyone observe carefully. Aman cannot stop looking at Neha as she celebrates Diwali by bursting crackers. He smiles.

Aman’s Dadi asks Anand if he has any problem in spending money for the engagement. He says no. Anand shows the decor pics to Gayatri and asks her to choose from, but she says she is ok with whatever he decides. Neha brings litchi juice for everyone. She collides with Aman. The juice spills on his kurta. Dadi gets irked. Akanksha tells Aman that she want to know if you have any doubts about their marriage. Suraj takes Aman from there. Dadi criticizes the food made at Agarwal’s house.

Neha goes out to put the roof on her gharounda. She finds Aman doing something to her gharounda and shouts at him to stop. He is shocked as she slips on the thaal of colors. Se gets happy that he has put roof over her gharounda. Sunita comes there and takes Neha inside after apologizing to Aman. Akansha confides to Neeta that Neha and Aman loves each other and they shall marry. She cries. Neeta comforts her. Gayatri confronts Aman, Aman tells her that he cannot get engaged to Akanksha. She wants to know the real reason behind his decision. Aman says I was quiet as I didn’t want to hurt anyone by refusing from the engagement. But I don’t want to ruin two lives. He tells that he have no such feelings for Akanksha like the way he feels for Neha. Gayatri gets shocked.

She reminds him that Neha has a mind of 14 years old. Aman tells her that he is sure Neha will handle everything. They see Neha standing there, but she doesn’t hear anything. Aman tells Gayatri that he will be very happier with Neha. Gayatri is not sure though. Shagun hears their conversation and gets shocked. They leave for home. Aman turns to look back at Neha once again before leaving. Keep reading.