Aanchal’s spirit scares Ria and decides to make her mad in Sony’s Tum Aise Hi Rehna.

In Tum Aise Hi Rehna, Abhi’s lover dies and her spirit enters home with Ria during her grah pravesh ceremony. She goes far seeing Dadisaa wearing the spiritual chain. Revathi gets shocked seeing the cockroach in the aarti thali and drops the plate. Everyone look for cockroach, but couldn’t get it. Dadisaa says let it be. She blesses Ria. Aanchal’s spirit sees eyes them. Doctor asks the nurse to give Aanchal’s stuff to Abhi. In the night, Ria feels pain in her neck and tells Abhi. The window opens and a scary wind blows. Abhi says he is an expert in massage and massages her. Ria thanks him. Ria asks him to continue massaging. Abhi wonders why she didn’t feel my massage until now. Aanchal’s spirit is seen lying on Ria.

Aanchal’s dead body is kept in the morgue. Ria gets scared seeing the reflection outside the window and tells Abhi. He asks her to sleep and not to stress her mind. Ria gets a call from the Doctor who informs her about Aanchal’s death. Ria gets shocked and informs Abhi. She feels bad as they couldn’t save her. Their family too feels bad about her death. They reached the hospital to see her dead body. Abhi apologizes to Aanchal’s dead body and prays for her soul to rest in peace. He leaves from there. Aanchal’s dead body opens her eyes shocking Ria. She gets shocked. Ria insists to see Aanchal’s face again and sees her eyes closed. Anchal soul comes out in the form of cockroach. She sits on Ria’s shoulder while she leaves. Ria feels pain in her neck.

Dean shows Aanchal’s things to Abhi. Abhi requests the dean that he will keep the showpiece with him and will give to her family. He gives it. Abhi stares the show piece and asks Ria to take it home with her. Abhi is tensed in his office and recalls the past happenings. He thinks to come out of this guilt and plans to go to the restaurant with Ria. He books the table for them. Ria hears Aanchal’s phone ring tone in the operation theatre and sees Aanchal too. She takes out the mask and the girl is someone else. Ria says sorry. Dean asks her to go home and rest. Abhi and Ria come to the restaurant and are greeted by the manager. Abhi gives her flower and says I love you. Ria says I love you too. They look romantically at each other. Ria feels someone’s presence around her as the wind blows.

Ria feels someone’s presence around her while dancing. Ria goes to the washroom and sees fog on the mirror. She wipes the glass and sees Aanchal’s spirit. She gets shocked. She washes her face and sees again in the mirror. She comes back to Abhi and hugs him. Aanchal accuses Ria for her death and plans to prove her mad infront of the family so that they throw her out. Guruji comes to Maheshwari’s house and waits for Abhi and Ria. He then gives the chain to protect Abhi from evil spirit. Aanchal’s soul punctures Abhi’s car so that they couldn’t reach home and meet Guruji. Guruji senses the presence of evil spirit and tells everyone. He asks them to throw Aanchal’s belongings out of the house. Kailash says they will return it to her family. Guruji asks about her death. Sarthak says accident.

Aanchal thinks to lower Ria infront of Abhi’s family so that they start hating her. Rukmani is restlessly waiting for Abhi and Ria and shows her anger towards them. Abhi and Ria comes back home. Aanchal comes in the form of cockroach. Ria apologizes to Rukmani. Abhi tells her that he forgot about Guruji and went to restaurant. Dadisaa shows the chain to Abhi. Cockroach hides seeing the chain. Abhi wears the chain. Kailash asks him to give Aanchal’s stuff to her family else to Police. Abhi agrees. Ria says something strange is happening with her. She tells Abhi about restaurant incident. Abhi says I am solution for this problem. He says he is taking leave tomorrow and will spend time with her.

Ria feels pain in her neck. Abhi massages her neck. Aanchal tries to lie on Ria and gets pushed by Abhi’s chain. She shouts. Ria hears her shout and gets tensed. Abhi gets Ria’s call and sees him sleeping next to her. She picks the call. Abhi tells her that he left for work early morning. Ria gets shocked and picks the blanket, but finds no one. She shouts for Abhi. Dadisaa asks her to take bath and light the diya. Ria comes and prays to God. Lata and Vishesh come and greet Dadisaa. Ria lights the diya and leaves. Aanchal manages to get the diya and blows its flames. She wears Ria’s saree and does her make up. Lata tells Rukmani that Pagphera rasam is still pending. Rukmani says she talked to the pandit about the mahurat. She says Abhi will take Ria to your house. Ria says we do aarti every morning and evening. Rukmani says but I can’t say the same thing for you. She asks where is the diya. Ria is shocked. Ria says she light the lamp 5 mins before and requests her to believe her.

Abhi takes out the chain and keeps it in the car. Aanchal is seen on the front seat sitting next to Abhi in the car. Rukmani complains to Abhi that Ria didn’t light the diya. Vishesh says Ria never lies. Kailash asks her to end the matter. Dadisaa asks them to get Aanchal’s things out of the house. Abhi says you mean to say that the spirit blew the lamp. Rukmani says I don’t accept it. Dadisaa says there is world of spirit too. Revathi too confirms it. Abhi tells everyone that Ria is seeing something strange since many days. Ria says she can feel her. She tells everything. Abhi says Ria might have went to temple, but forgot to light the diya. He says she is very stressed out. Rukmani tells Abhi to take that girl things out. Dadisaa asks Kammo to bury it in the jungle. Servants asks Rukmani where to keep the box. She asks them to keep it in the store room. Ria gives the show piece and purse to Kammo. Dadisaa asks her to bury it in the jungle with her own hands. Kammo thinks to hide it in the box and takes to her house later. She leaves. The servants come and take the box containting Aanchal’s stuff to the store room. Keep reading.