Suhani gets life imprisonment and Ram gets freed by the court in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, Priya catches Suhani red handed while she was trying to steal the proofs. She slaps her hard and asks her the reason behind killing Sammy. Priya asks her, whether she really loves Sammy. Suhani says yes, but she was helpless to do this. Priya says, you betrayed my trust, sent Ram to jail and played with Khush’s emotions. Suhani tells her that Sammy was after her and tried to make her drink poison to kill her unborn baby. He even threatened her to divorce Pihu and marry her. She says, she didn’t think of the consequences when she shot him. Later she realized what she has done, but it was too late. Priya tells her that she broke Ram and Vikram years long friendship. Khush is heart broken and regrets to love Suhani. He thinks he can never be able to move on. Sid consoles him and asks him to be a fighter like Priya.

Sid shares his concerns about Khush with Mamaji. Mamaji asks him to leave him to strengthen up. Priya and Natasha talk about Suhani. Priya still couldn’t believe that Suhani could kill someone. She recalls Suhani calling her maa. She gets emotional. Natasha asks her not to judge people rightly. She says, we will go to Lawyer and reopen the case. Suhani agrees to give the statement. Pihu cries looking at Sammy’s pics. She tells Priya that she thought Suhani loves Sammy more than her. She says, Suhani proved it wrong. Priya says, she couldn’t believe it. They discuss about welcoming Ram. Priya tells Pihu that they are a team and cheers her up.

Pihu tells Cady about Suhani being the murderer. Cady calls Neha and informs her. Priya calls Lawyer and informs him that Suhani will give her statement tomorrow. Vikram calls her and says he will reach tomorrow. Priya gets relieved thinking that Ram and Vikram’s friendship is reviving. Priya and Khush think about Suhani and feel bad. Priya and Suhani reach the police station. Later she gets a call from the laywer asking her to meet Ram in Jail. Priya gets happy. Priya comes to meet Ram. Ram loses his hope to get back home. Priya assures him that everything will be fine as he is her Mr. Perfect. Ram talks negatively. Priya asks him to promise not to think negative.

Priya gets tensed thinking what will happen if Suhani refuses to confess her crime in court. Natasha assures her that everything will be fine and Ram will be free. Khush feels cheated by Suhani. Priya consoles him. He says, he loved her and was ready to accept her child, but she betrayed him. He can’t forget it and cries. Priya tells him that time will heal everything and he will be fine. She says, it is not his fault, but it is destiny’s fault. She says, he will get a girl soon who will love him. She asks him to be stronger. She gets a call from Lawyer informing her that Ram will be freed by the court tomorrow after Suhani’s confession.

Priya thinks, tomorrow morning will bring a new ray of life for her and Ram will be back. Lawyer asks her to make sure that Suhani doesn’t change her confession. Priya says, she wont. She gets tensed though. Natasha asks her to hope positively. Priya’s daughters asks her to throw a party after Ram comes home. Khush gets angry and doesn’t like the idea after Sammy got killed during the party. Khush sees something in his cupboard and gets shocked. Priya gets ready to go to court and thinks she missed him. She gets shy and happy.

Pihu tells Priya that she will accompany her to court. Priya agrees. Mamaji stops them and gives best wishes. Priya scolds him. Court hearing starts. Lawyer starts argument. Judge asks him to submit the proofs. Suhani confessed in the court that she killed Sammy. She tells everything how Sammy forced her to drink poison to kill her child. She tells he forced her to kill him. She says, she wanted him to be happy in his marriage, but he didn’t listen and was after her. Judge holds her guilty and gives her life imprisonment and frees Ram. Everyone get happy. Priya and Pihu wait eagerly for Ram to come. Ram comes and hugs Khush. Priya then welcomes him and they go in their car. Ram drives the car happily.

Ram and Priya look lovingly at each other. Ram holds her hand tightly. They reach home and are welcomed by the family with a aarti. Khush clicks their family photo. Ram goes to rest in his room. Priya follows him. Khush goes to jail to meet suhani, but Inspector doesn’t allow him to meet her. He comes back home sadly. Ram thanks Priya for freeing him. Priya tells him not to make her stranger by thanking repeatedly. She says, their love made her courageous. She thanks him to being her life. They hug emotionally. Keep reading.

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