Shikha scares Madhu to make her mad for her revenge in Sony’s Main Naa Bhoolungi.

In Main Naa Bhoolungi, Shikha is taking revenge on Madhu through Aditya. Madhu shows pic of Shikha to Aditya and threatens to kill him. She understands that Aditya is with Samaira. She reminds him that he was involved too in Shikha’s murder and points gun at him. Servant sees and calls the family. Mohanto stops Madhu from shooting Aditya. Aditya tells Mohanto that he tried to talk to Madhu, but she isn’t listening to him. Police shows the sketch of Neeraj to Madhu and Aditya. Madhu tells that he doesn’t know the guy. She tells Aditya must have hired him to kill her. Aditya looks at Samaira. She tells Mohanto that Aditya is behind the attacks. Aditya pleads innocent. Madhu laughs.

Sunaina tells Mohanto that Madhu might be stressed due to work and asks him not to worry. Adi tells Madhu that he wants everything to get normal between them. She replies him saying that’s why she wants to kill him. Jay thinks to become MD once Madhu goes unwell. Neeraj gives a gift to Shikha. Shikha asks her family to get ready to do something with Aditya. Shikha asks Aditya to meet her somewhere. She meets him and tells that she hired Neeraj to kill Madhu. Aditya tells Samaira that Neeraj is his enemy. How can she hired him. Samaira tells him that he is doing this for money. Neeraj comes there. Aditya threatens to kill him. Samaira saves the situation.

Sudha and Madhu come infront of Madhu’s car deliberately. Madhu is surprised to see them. She asks, didn’t they die after Shikha’s death. Sudha tells her that Shikha will take revenge with her. Madhu laughs and reminds their defeat in the court. Sudha tells her that Shikha will take revenge this court this time and not the court. She handover Shikha’s death anniversary prasad to Madhu, shocking her.

Later in the night, Shikha scares Madhu with her poetry and comes infront of her. Madhu closes her eyes. She goes towards the staircase and finds Shikha’s ghost roaming in the living room. Madhu goes down the stairs. Suddenly fog starts engulfing the room making Madhu no longer see Shikha’s ghost. Shikha stands behind her and tells her that she came back to take revenge. Madhu screams no and closes her ears. Everyone comes there. Madhu tells them what she saw. Madhu turns towards Aditya and starts accusing him. Aditya is surprised and defends himself. Mohanto tells her that she must have seen the dream.

Aditya and Samaira get happy on their plan success. Shikha tells Aditya that his prenuptial agreement will be termination if Madhu goes mad. Shikha scares Madhu even more. Madhu recalls Shikha’s ghost and gets drunk. She goes to office. Aditya and Samaira think that she may create ruckus at the office. Mohanto asks Jai to handle the meeting. Jai comes to the meeting, sees Madhu inebriated and talking senselessly. She falls unconscious. Mohanto scolds Madhu for going to a meeting in inebriated condition. He says he can bear the loss of money, but cannot bear the loss of his company’s status. Mohanto asks her to rest and Jai will handle the business. Madhu gets angry.

Aditya comes to his room. Madhu asks him to sleep in the room else she will kill him. Aditya goes to the washroom and calls Samaira. He asks her not to do anything tonight. Samaira insists that she will execute her plan tonight. Shikha scares Madhu at the middle of the night. Madhu shoots her, but she remains unhurt. Shikha tells her that death people don’t die. Madhu pleads with her to forgive. Everyone comes there. Aditya makes her sleep. Later, Aditya comes to Shikha’s room. Shikha thanks him for changing the bullet with fake ones. They smile.

Madhu sees Arnav’s toy in the bedroom and gets shocked. Aditya hides it. Madhu gets scared. Samaira asks Madhu why she saw Shikha when she did not do anything wrong to her. Madhu is having breakfast and recalls of the Poornima day. She gets scared. Samaira suggests Mohanto that they shall take her to some outdoor camp. Mohanto asks Aditya to bring Madhu. Neeraj informs Sudha that Shikha is executing her final plan today and he is going to help her today. Sudha blesses her.

Mohanto says to Madhu that they are going out on a trip for her. Aditya and Madhu leave in the car. Neeraj scares her and tells her that Shikha will be coming to take back her son. Madhu gets scared. Shikha says she will make Madhu frightened to the core. Jai tells Arya that he does not know, but it is good Mohanto has kept Madhu out of office. Aditya and Madhu are travelling in their car. Aditya stops the car and says it is not starting. He asks Madhu to sit in a car until he repairs the car.

Madhu sees Shikha inside the car and gets frightened. Shikha asks her to give back her son Manav. Madhu comes out of car shouting and says Shikha is in the car. Aditya checks and says there is no one in the car. Madhu says she saw Shikha’s ghost in the car and shows a toy which Shikha was holding. Aditya says it is Arnav’s toy and opens it. Shikha shouts again seeing it. Madhu says she wants to drive the car. Shikha tells Neeraj that Madhu went back home.

Mohanto tells Sunaina that Aditya called him and told that Madhu is behaving madly. Shikha gets angry as Madhu didn’t go to the camp. She thinks to execute her last plan and asks Aditya about Madhu. He tells her that she is in the room. Keep reading.