Sakshi bails out Karan and brings him home; Sharda gets happy knowing about Sakshi’s pregnancy; Shanaya spoils Sharda’s designs in Sony’s Ek Nayi Pehchaan.

In Ek Nayi Pehchaan, everyone is irked with Sharda for sending Karan to Jail. Even Sakshi is angry with her. Sakshi’s mum Padma comes to their home and confronts Sharda. Sharda tells her that she did the right thing as Karan did a mistake. Padma gets angry and tries to instigate Sakshi against Sharda. Sakshi tells her to stop it and asks her not to interfere in their house matters. She asks her mum to leave Modi House. Sakshi talks to the lawyer to get Karan bail. Suresh tells Dadi that Sakshi is shaken up and trying to get Karan’s bail. Just then Sakshi and Karan enters the house. Karan apologizes to Sharda. Sharda refuses to forgive him and says he is Shanaya’s culprit. Sakshi is shocked at Sharda’s decision.

Sharda gives fruits to Shanaya. Shanaya asks her about not talking to Karan. She apologizes to her for her behavior. Sharda adds halwa in the tray as Karan likes it. She goes out of the kitchen. Sakshi can sense her love in her gestures. Dadi talks to Sakshi. Sakshi tells her that Maa’s ideals are greater than her son. Karan sees the pregnancy kit and is happy to see the positive result. He gets happy as Sakshi is pregnant. Karan thanks Sakshi for giving him good news. Sharda hears them and gets happy. Karan promises Sakshi that he will bring smile on Sharda’s face. Shanaya wakes up seeing a bad dream. Sharda sits at her bedside all the night. Karan does puja preparations to impress Sharda. Dadi helps him.

Sharda asks Karan and Sakshi to do the Puja which shocks Sakshi. She asks her to forgive Karan. Sharda ties the holy thread on Sakshi’s wrist for the safety of baby and Sakshi. They share an emotional hug. Karan tells Sharda that she has no right on his baby. Sharda gets shocked. He asks her why she is giving him a big punishment. Sharda tells him that he is wrong in her eyes. He asks Sakshi to decide on whose side she is. Sakshi tells him that she took a promise to be with him during their marriage rituals. Karan thanks her. Dadi asks Sharda to bring sweets for them. Sharda obliges. Karan calls doctor and asks her to come home for checking Sakshi. He asks her to take care and leaves for office.

Doctor comes to check Sakshi. Sharda is happy that Sakshi called the doctor for check up. Sakshi refuses Sharda’s help and says they shall go separate ways. Sharda is stunned. Suresh calls Sharda and asks her to work on the designs. Sharda agrees. Sharda is unable to concentrate on designs. Shanaya helps and encourages her. Sharda is sad as Sakshi isn’t there to help her and misses her. Doctor tells Sakshi that she has some complications during the first trimester and asks her to take care of herself. Padma comes home and tells Sharda that Karan called her to take care of Sakshi. Padma tells Sharda to give her business to Shanaya and Latika. She tells that Karan and Sakshi will handle her business and will shift to Ahmedabad. Sharda is shocked. Sharda asks her not to come in between her and kids. Padma tells her that Karan will agree to her offer and join his business. Sharda is sure that Karan won’t accept his offer. Padma tells her that Karan will surely come to her.

Padma makes mushroom dish for Sakshi even after knowing that she is allergic to it by Sharda. Sakshi starts coughing after eating it and blames Sharda. Padma puts the blame on Sharda. Sharda is shocked as she has warned her not to add mushroom in her food. Karan asks Sharda to stay away from Sakshi as he doesn’t want anything happen to his baby or Sakshi. He is sure that Padma can take good care of Sakshi. Sharda is teary eyed. Padma instigates Karan against Sharda and tells him to build his business. Padma gives the offer to Suresh to let Karan handle her business and she will give funds to his business. Suresh starts thinking. Sharda hears everything. Suresh agrees. Sharda argues with Suresh saying how can he agree to Padma’s proposal. Suresh tells her that he is thinking practically and Karan will just relocate to another city. Sharda tells him that she will not let her son go away from her. Karan tells Sharda and Suresh that he has accepted Padma’s proposal. Sharda is shocked. She begs Suresh not to send Karan for the deal.

He agrees to do so and puts a challenge infront of her. He asks her to designs the saree and if the clients like it then he will reject Padma’s offer. Sharda asks Sakshi to help her but she refuses to help her. Sharda starts working on the designs. Shanaya spoils the designs by putting ink on it. Next morning, she tells Sharda that Sakshi has come to the bed room and covered her with blanket. Sharda gets happy and goes to get ready for office. Shanaya smirks and thinks she has ruined the designs and fulfilled the promise. Keep reading.

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