Sagarika gets sad knowing about Amma’s decision to change her name; Chattopadhyay invites Mishra family; They get shocked seeing fish on the table in Sony’s Hum Hain Na.

In Hum Hain Na, Sagarika gives gifts to everyone at her new home. Everyone get happy receiving the gifts. Sagarika tells Amma that her gift is missing. Sagarika shows the box that is meant for Dada. Dadi smiles hearing it. Satya asks how can you miss amma’s gift. Sagarika is speechless. Bunty reaches on time and says Sagarika that amma’s gift was left in car. Sagarika gives amma’s gift. Sawara takes out sari and chappals from Amma’s gift box. Satya asks her what was the need to gift chappals. Sagarika reasons that she saw Amma working hard, so she thought she must be tired and got her accupressure chappals. Everyone smiles. Bunty asks her to accept Sagarika and requests her not to change Sagarika’s name. Amma asks what problem she has in changing her name. Bunty says she soon will become Shiv’s Parvati anyhow.

Sagarika arranges romantic dinner date on terrace and asks Swara to get Bunty to the terrace. Amma says she wants Sagarika to follow her house’s rule and reminds him of his promise. Bunty says he has not forgotten his promise. Sagarika hears everything, gets sad and blows all the candles. Bunty goes there, but doesn’t find Sagarika there. He goes to him room and finds her sleeping. He thinks he has to find a solution for Sagarika’s name change till morning and sleeps.

Mishraji argues with Lakshmi for ruining house’s peace. Lakshmi makes it clear that she will not change her decision. Sagarika recalls Bunty’s promise. Sagarika wakes up in the night and fights with Bunty. She then gifts him bracelet with S initial. Bunty gets happy. Pappu massages Rani’s legs and they discuss about Amma’s decision about Sagarika’s name change.

Mishraji informs Lakshmi that Chattopadhyay is coming to their house for breakfast. Lakshmi gets surprised as they don’t drink at daughter’s house. Mishraji tells her that he is London return. Bunty buys flowers for Sagarika and thinks of her as his girlfriend. Bunty comes home and asks Amma about his wife. She says Sagarika is waiting for her dad. Lawyer comes there and says he got name changing legal papers for their new bahu. Amma asks Bunty get papers signed by Sagarika. Sagarika gets annoyed as the lawyer addresses her as Parvati. Chattopadhyay reaches Bunty’s house and asks Sagarika to come. Mishraji asks him to have breakfast.

Chattopadhyay likes food and asks Lakshmi to teach it to Sagarika also. Chattopadhayay invites whole family and says he will prepare veg food for them. Lakshmi says she can’t come. Mishraji assures him that they will come. Sagarika asks Bunty to bring amma home for tomorrow’s lunch ritual if he really loves her. He says he will try. Sagarika comes to her Dad’s house. Aunt teases her and says she is looking thin. Sagarika gets excited seeing the fish curry. Aunt tells her that she will get fish curry in her room. Ratna, Swara and Bunty try to convince Lakshmi to attend tomorrow’s function at Chattopadhyay’s house. Lakshmi refuses. Swara tells her that even bengali’s prepare tasty dishes. Madhav teases Bunty. Bunty reads the letter lefy by Sagarika and messages her. They start chatting through messages. Sagarika tells Phubali that nothing happened on their first night. Phubali suggests her to lure Bunty and become like Menaka. Bunty comes to Sagarika’s house and makes her wear the anklet. Sagarika wakes up and sees her both anklets.

Amma searches Bunty and thinks he must have gone to meet Sagarika. Bunty tells Sagarika that he is not her husband but her boyfriend and can meet her any time. Sagarika smiles. Bunty takes Sagarika for an icecream treat. Sagarika says she feels his family has not accepted her yet. Bunty promises that Amma will come for lunch for sure. Lakshmi comes to Bunty’s room and sees him missing even in the morning. Bunty comes sneezing and asks her what she has thought about attending Sagarika’s lunch party. She refuses and asks him to stop showing his fake concern. Dadi tries to convince Lakshmi to attend the function. Lakshmi refuses saying they eat non veg food. Satya backs Lakshmi.

Mishraji and Lakshmi come to Sagarika’s house. Sagarika gets happy and greet them. She starts sneezing and apologizes to Amma. Lakshmi refuses to have food. Bunty informs her that Chattopadhyay prepared food at neighbour’s house. Amma agrees. Chattopadhay says Mishraji like they think curd as auspicious, they feel fish as auspicious and wants them to look at it once. Mishra Family is shocked. Amma starts vomiting seeing fish on table and runs from there. Pappu scolds Chattopadhyay. Chattopadhyay apologizes. Rani scolds saying that if he wanted to feed fish, then he would have fed to his daughter yesterday. Sagarika cries and runs to her room. Sagarika regrets to have married Bunty. Bunty gets shocked. Keep reading.