Saanchi exposes Ankita infront of everyone in Sony TV’s Jee Le Zara

In Jee Le Zara, Saanchi gets disturbed thinking about her age which may complicate her chances of getting pregnant. She talks to Dhruv about her wish to have a child. Dhruv makes it clear that he doesn’t want a kid as of now as they just got married. He asks her to relax. Dilshaad suggests Saanchi to handle Dhruv with love and understanding. Prachi is happy as she can conceive again. Dhruv comes and calls Sunil. Everyone are surprised to see him. Sunil tells Saanchi that he wants to take Prachi to his new house. Prachi gets happy. Sunil tells them that he has started his own business and wants to fulfill his responsibility towards Prachi. Dilshaad gives him good news that Prachi can become pregnant again. Sunil smiles. Dilshaad informs Dhruv that she will leave. Dhruv asks her to stay for some more time. Dilshaad agrees.

Dhruv and Saanchi wish Shruti on her birthday. Isha is touched by their gesture and thanks them. Shruti asks Isha to throw a party for her friends. Dhruv and Saanchi plan a birthday party for Shruti. Dhruv calls Arvind and invites him for Shruti’s birthday party. Suparna hears it and thinks of a plan. Saanchi gets busy along with Dilshaad for the party. Ankita comes. Suparna shares her plan with Ankita and says it will make Saanchi leave from the house and also from everyone’s heart. Saanchi makes cake for the birthday party.

Ankita calls police station from Saanchi’s phone and identifies herself as Saanchi and informs Arvind is coming to her house around 7.30 p.m. and asks them to arrest him. She comes back to the party. Saanchi welcomes the guest. Isha thanks Saanchi for organising the superb birthday party for Shruti. Everyone dance on the song Tune Maari Entriyaan…….Dhruv shares with his friend that he doesn’t want to have kids, while on the other hand Saanchi wishes to have kids. Ankita gets jealous seeing them together. Neena asks Isha to cut the cake. Dhruv says, wait for sometime. Arvind comes with gifts in his hands. Shruti, Raman and Isha get happy. Isha asks, how he came here? Arvind tells her that Dhruv called him.

Shruti thanks Dhruv. Anvay gets angry on him and asks how dare he come here? He insults him. Suparna takes Arvind’s side. Neena asks Anvay to calm down. Saanchi asks Shruti to cut the cake. Shruti cuts the cake. Police comes and arrests Arvind. They thank Saanchi for helping the police. Everyone are shocked. Inspector says that Saanchi called from her mobile and shows the number. Ankita identifies the number to be of Saanchi. Dhruv brings bail for Arvind and tells Police that he can’t arrest him. Arvind thanks Dhruv.

Everyone ask Saanchi to speak up. Saanchi says, she wants to show something. She brings her handycam and it is revealed that it is Ankita who informed the police. Saanchi tells everyone that she kept handycam for charging and by mistake it was on. Ankita says, it was a joke and acts innocent. Dhruv scolds her. Saanchi understands that it was Suparna’s plan. Neena and Isha ask Ankita to leave. Isha says, it is good that Dhruv didn’t marry her. Isha thanks Saanchi. Arvind thanks Dhruv for getting him bail. Anway scolds Suparna as he suspects her hand in Ankita’s doings. Saanchi warns Suparna and says she didn’t show the video in which she asked Ankita to call the police.

Anvay informs Saanchi about Dhruv hiring Sunil as a contractor. Saanchi is surprised. Dhruv tells him that Sunil is competent enough to get the contract. Saanchi feels bad about Anway insulting her family. Saanchi makes the presentation for Dhruv. Client likes the presentation.

Pradeep plans to go to Dubai with Deepali. He shows her passport. Deepali says, how can we leave the grannies? Pradeep asks her to think about them. He says, they will elope from the house. Deepali says, you have become a thief. Pradeep gets angry. Dhruv thinks Ankita should be punished. Saanchi says, because of her they are inseparable now. Deepali waits for Pradeep with the bags. Dhruv, Saanchi, Dilshaad come ther e and asks where they are going? Pradeep says, they are going to Goa. Deepali says, Pradeep is going alone. Pradeep checks the bag and doesn’t find any money. He tries to slap Deepali for cheating him and informing Saanchi.

Saanchi throws Pradeep’s bag out of the house. Deepali cries and apologizes to everyone on Pradeep’s behalf. Aaji hugs her and says she is their daughter now. Ankita cries thinking about getting scold at Dhruv’s house. Suparna comes and says she will think of a plan to get Saanchi out of Dhruv’s life. Ankita praises Saanchi and says she didn’t expose Suparna. She says, she lost her only friend. Suparna thinks to take revenge on Saanchi. Ankita might have become good but Suparna will cook up another plan against Saanchi. Keep reading Jee Le Zara.