Saanchi disappointed as Dhruv doesn’t want to have a kid in Sony’s Jee Le Zara.

In Jee Le Zara, Saanchi is eager to have a baby while Dhruv don’t want to indulge in parenting very soon after marriage. Saanchi spends time with Isha’s kids which makes Dhruv feels bad as she isn’t able to spend time with him. He gets upset with her. Dhruv cancels the plan for the long drive as it was late night. Saanchi prepares kheer for the kids. They get happy and hug her. They are getting closer to her. Dhruv comes home with flowers and chocolates for Saanchi, but kids sees him and Dhruv gives them chocolates. He throws the flowers angrily.

Suparna plan to create the differences between Saanchi and Dhruv. She fills Dhruv’s ears against kids. She tells him that Saanchi is eager to have kids. She and Anway are not planning kids as they will lose their privacy. They will be happy with Saanchi’s kids. Dhruv gets upset with Saanchi and thinks she is ruining their married life.
Suparna tells Neena that one of her friend crossed 30 years and desperate to convince. She indirectly remarks on Saanchi. Saanchi tells Neena that Dhruv doesn’t want kids. Neena asks her to convince Dhruv. She tells her that even Yash was not convinced to have a baby, but when he saw Anway he got emotional and happy.

Dhruv asks Saanchi to send the presentation CD. Suparna manipulates the pics and sends them to Dhruv as presentation. Suparna calls Anway and asks him to make sure that Dhruv plays the CD. Dhruv starts with his presentation. Clients and Dhruv are shocked to see Dhruv’s pics with the kid. He asks Dhruv whether his project is about family planning. Dhruv gets angry on Saanchi. Anway scolds Dhruv for involving Saanchi in office work.

Dhruv comes home angrily and goes to his room. He scolds Saanchi for sending the kids CD. Saanchi says, she didn’t do that. Dhruv says, he isn’t ready for kids and he doesn’t want kids at all. Saanchi is shocked. She says, she needs kids. They have an argument. Dhruv says our marriage is a mistake. Dhruv pushes her on bed and says he will give her kid right now. He feels guilty and says sorry. Saanchi hurt and goes from the room.

Suparna tells Saanchi that whatever happened was not right. Dhruv’s anger was justified. Saanchi tells her that she knows who exchanged the CD and says it is you. She says, you have not only spoilt Dhruv’s presentation but also Dad’s reputation. Saanchi sleeps on the couch. Dhruv wakes up and sees Saanchi bringing coffee. She says her sorry for sending the wrong CD. Dhruv hugs her and apologizes for his behavior. Saanchi says, she won’t pressurize him to have kids.

Dhruv talks to the client Mehta and agrees him to see the presentation. He asks Anway to give the presentation. Dhruv gets emotional. Anway agrees to do the presentation. Neena gets emotional seeing Dhruv and Anway hugging each other. They hug Neena happily. Saanchi calls Dilshaad and shares her worries with her.

Suparna congrats Anway for getting the project from Dhruv. Anway says you should thank Dhruv. Suparna says, he should thank her as she exchanged the CD. Anway scolds her for playing with the family’s reputation. He warns her to let everybody live in peace.

Dhruv seeks Neena’s help and asks her if she was ready to have a child. Neena clears his doubt and says even Yash was not ready when she was pregnant. Dhruv realizes his mistake and apologizes to Saanchi again. Saanchi is still upset with Dhruv. Addu calls Saanchi and informs her that he passed in the exam. Saanchi gets happy. She gives the call to Dhruv. Dhruv speaks with Addu. Dhruv thinks, what he should do to make Saanchi happy. He plans to stay at home. Saanchi asks him to go to office.

Dhruv calls Dilshaad. She tells him that Saanchi is tensed as she wants a child. Dhruv says, he is not ready as of now. Dilshaad says, Saanchi changed for you completely. She makes him realize Saanchi’s worth and his love for her. She tells about Addu getting insulted by his family. Dhruv meets Addu and asks him to tell the truth.

Addu tells him everything and asks him not to make an issue. He comes home and apologizes to Saanchi as Addu got insulted by his family. Suparna comes and hears their conversation. Next week, Suparna will be shocked to know that Saanchi is pregnant. She thinks this kid will separate Saanchi and Dhruv. Keep reading Jee Le Zara.