Ram distributes his property amongst his children, Suhani gives birth to a baby girl in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

Last week in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, Kapoor’s head honcho Ram Kapoor comes back home after getting cleared of murder charges by the court. Priya’s doctor Suhani gets acquitted for Sammy’s murder. Ram and Priya have been rekindling their romance again. While Priya’s kids want her to throw a party, but she says no as she doesn’t want to upset Khush. Khush is going through a heart break up after getting betrayed by Suhani.

Ram and Priya talk about Pihu. Ram is surprised to know that Pihu has changed for good. Priya informs him that they are now the best friends. Ram asks her, whether he is a good husband. Priya replies that he is the best husband. Ram gets happy and sleeps.

Cady asks Vikram to meet Ram. Vikram says, that he doesn’t have the courage to face him as he sent him to Jail. Cady tells him that Ram will understand his situation. Vikram thinks to meet Ram. In the morning, Ram and Priya get romantic. Priya tickles him to escape from the hug. Mamaji is seen talking to someone on phone.

Pihu asks the chef to prepare food of Ram’s choice. Khush says, Priya won’t allow Ram to eat unhealthy food. Pihu asks Priya to be on her side. Priya says, she will allow Ram to eat the parathas. Pari, Mayra and Pihu praise Priya infront of Ram. Pihu apologizes to them for separating them. Khush tells them that he loves them. Dadi praises Priya.

Ram says he has an announcement to make and says he wants to divide his property between all his kids. Khush says how can he do that, he does not need his property.

Priya goes to Khush and explains to him that Ram needs rest and that’s why he is distributing his property amongst his children. She says, Ram will be there to guide them. Khush agrees. Priya catches Mamaji talking to someone and gets suspicious. Mamaji makes an excuse. Pihu refuses to take the property. Priya explains to her as well.

Vikram meets Ram. Ram tells Vikram to lets start afresh. He plans to throw a lavish party. Priya suggests Pooja followed by a party. All the kids agree to take up the responsibility. Natasha and Priya talk about Ram being around them. Vikram decides to bring Suhani’s child to his house. He shares it with his daughter Riddhima. Khush calls Inspector and requests him to let him meet Suhani. Inspector refuses. He gets sad. Priya informs Ram about Mamaji’s suspicious activity. Ram promises to handle him.

Pihu comes to Priya and asks her to arrange Khush’s meeting with Suhani in Jail. Priya says, it is not that easy as she had been declined to meet Ram when he was in Jail. She says, she will talk to Ram.

Mamaji takes Khush to meet two business man, who can help him in doubling the money. Khush refuses to learn from them and says Priya and Ram are with him to guide him. Priya asks Ram to talk to higher authorities about arranging Khush’s meeting with Suhani. Ram agrees.

Mamaji tells Khush that he is in love. Khush smiles at this joke. Khush handles the business. Ram asks his kids not to think work is everything. Priya gets a call from the jail warden informing her that Suhani is admitted in hospital due to some complications. Priya informs Khush, who cancels his meeting and leaves.

Mamaji enters the storeroom and calls someone. He sees fake snake, gets frightened and shouts. A girl meets him there and informs him something. Mamaji smiles.

Priya, Khush, Vikram and Pihu reach the hospital. Khush gets tensed and stands outside the operation theater. Priya asks him to relax. Ram comes home. Pari and Mayra inform him about Suhani’s operation.

Doctor informs Khush that she couldn’t save Suhani’s child. Khush gets shocked and shouts at the Doctor. He enters into Suhani’s room and gets relieved seeing some other lady inside. Later they come to know from another doctor about Suhani giving birth to a baby girl. Khush gets emotional and happy. Khush sees the baby and gets happy. Keep reading.

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