Nandini walks out of the Raghuvanshi’s house in Sony’s Desh Ki Beti Nandini

Last week, Rajveer won the music competition and then tears the divorce papers in the court. He comes home and greets Dadi. Dadi blesses them and does the aarti. Gayatri Devi pretends to be caring towards Nandini and asks Rajveer why he tore the divorce papers in the court. Rajveer says, Nandini has been framed by someone and determines to find out the truth. Nandini comes and taunts Gayatri Devi on her failure. She determines to create a distance between them. Then there is cute moments of Sid and Divya. Nandini slips from Sofa, Abhay holds her in his arms. Gayatri Devi comes and sees them together. She smirks. Nandini thanks him. Gayatri Devi thinks to create rift between Rajveer and Nandini through Abhay.

Abhay and Gayatri Devi pretend to be arguing for their plan to seperate Rajveer and Nandini. Nandini overhears everything and thinks Abhay innocent. Gayatri Devi fires him from his job as Abhay refuses to part Nandini with Rajveer. Nandini asks Gayatri Devi to take Abhay back in his job. Gayatri Devi back bites against Nandini infront of Rajveer. Nandini makes him understand that Abhay is important for their political party. Gayatri Devi calls Abhay and congrats him for the success as Nandini started believing in Abhay.

Gayatri Devi tells Abhay to follow his direction. Rajveer tells Gayatri Devi to let Abhay focus on party work and he wants to be involved with Music and resigns from the party. Gayatri Devi is shocked. Nandini asks her to keep her promise and do not force Rajveer to enter the politics.

Dadi reads Satyavan Savitri story and asks Nandini to fight for her love and husband. Nandini says, she will try. Abhay comes and asks for a chance from Nandini. Nandini refuses. He says, he will help her in the arrangements of the birthday party. Finally Nandini agrees to give him a chance. Nandini and Abhay discuss about the party arrangements. Nandini dislikes Abhay’s idea about the party arrangements and theme. Nandini suggests music theme and do the hi fi which Rajveer notices. Nandini hides about the party from Rajveer which makes him doubtful.

Gayatri Devi gives sleeping pills to Abhay and asks him to do something. She fills Rajveer’s ears against Nandini. Abhay and Nandini to the temple and then for shopping. Rajveer calls Nandini and she tells him that she is in the temple. Abhay messages Gayatri Devi that they are going to the farm house. Rajveer and Gayatri Devi leaves for the farm house. Nandini and Abhay comes to the farm house for the party preparations. Nandini tells him about the headache. Abhay gives her tea and mixes sleeping pills in it. Gayatri Devi and Rajveer come to the farm house. They are shocked to see Nandini’s car there.

Nandini fells unconscious. Abhay takes her in his arms. Rajveer comes and sees Nandini in Abhay’s arms. He gets shocked and hurt. Gayatri Devi shouts at Abhay. Rajveer beats Abhay and cries thinking about Abhay and Nandini together. Nandini wakes up and calls Abhay but he doesn’t pick her call. She thinks to go home. She comes home but Rajveer stops her. Gayatri Devi tags her as shameless. Dadi asks Nandini to tell why she went to the farm house. Gayatri Devi asks her to prove her sacredness. Nandini refuses to say the truth infront of Rajveer. Gayatri Devi says, even Sita Maa had to pure her purity. Nandini packs her bags and says she can’t live in the house anymore as her purity is questioned.

Nandini tells Rajveer, how can he doubt her when he decided to spend his sever lives with her. Rajveer says, he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about what he have seen. He stops her and asks her to tell the truth. Rajveer tells her that he can’t lose her. Nandini gets relieved.

Rajveer asks her to give the explanation. Nandini talks about husband and wife relationship and the trust and honesty that binds them. Nandini leaves the house as he self respect got hurt. Gayatri Devi gives wedding album to Nandini and says she will make sure that Rajveer forgets her completely. She smirks victoriously. Abhay sees her and offers to drop her but Nandini takes an auto and go home. Gayatri Devi calls him and tells about her victory. Abhay says, you won because of Nandini.

Gayatri Devi asks Rajveer to move on in life. Nandini comes to her mother’s house. Anchal gets worried and asks her to return to Raghuvanshi house but Nandini’s dad supports her decision, Nandini tells them that until now she ignored all mistakes of Rajveer but not anymore. In the coming episodes, Rajveer and Nandini will meet at the temple accidently. Stay tuned or keep reading Desh Ki Beti Nandini.