Life OK is a Hindi language Indian cable and satellite television channel, part of the STAR India and IBC network’s bouquet of channels, which is fully owned by The ShowMaker Company and 21st Century Fox. The channel launched on 18 December 2011, and is distributed in many parts of the world. The channel replaced STAR India’s now defunct youth-oriented channel STAR One. Life OK Start their HD version in India with High Defination 1080i Picture Quality And 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound in October 2012, It is Currently Available On Most Of The Platforms Like Tata Sky, Videocon D2H and Dish TV.The channel launched in the United States on 1 March 2012, though its programs were aired on STAR India One prior to its launch. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, Life OK also ran under the STAR One brand until 28 May 2012, when it became Star Life OK. Tau ji has called the panchayat being the sarpanch and all of them collectively took the decision to break Simran’s school. Her school was her home, her dreams, her happiness and everything got burnt and broken by Tau ji. Tau ji did not think twice before taking this harsh decision. Simran broke down and could not stop him. Soon after the school was dismantled, Tau ji left with his family asking everyone not to support Rajveer and Simran. The entire village agrees with Tau ji and is against the couple. Nikhil has finally come to Sonbarsa to meet his love and wife Lajjo. Their divorce did not happen yet and now Nikhil won’t let the divorce happen. Nikhil comes to Lajjo’s home and asks her parents about Lajjo. They tell him she at not at home and he looks for her in the village. Putti, Lajjo’s friend tells him that Lajjo is in old fort. Nikhil goes there and his eyes are cooled seeing her performing a puja for his long life. Tanya has not left any stone unturned for victory. She wanted Anshuman at any cost, be it at the cost of Pakhi’s death. She first hits Pakhi by a hard stick and they both have a long fight scene. Her dad Mr. Rana asks Tanya to kill Pakhi. He helps her and both of them try to kill her. Just then Anshuman reaches his mansion on time and asks Tanya about Pakhi. She lies to him and fools him in her words. But Anshuman senses Pakhi is at home and runs to check. He sees her lying down on the floor in bad state and asks Tanya to call the doctor. At the Gurudwara, Sameer’s Bebe asks Meher what type of guy does she want? Sameer or Purab? She says maybe you will say no to Sameer as he does not earn anything and is totally useless, but Purab has a decent job, earns his living and is a nice guy. She asks Meher to think about Purab and settle with him. Meher tells her that Purab has a small heart and he does not think about other’s happiness much as Sameer does. Sameer is far better than Purab when it comes to being generous. Purab is Sameer’s cousin and also childhood friend of Meher. His role is negative. He is a perfect man, a brilliant army officer and every girl wants to marry him, but Purab wants to marry Meher whom he loves since childhood. Tanya wins the challenge by unfair means. She asks Mr. Rana, her dad to send her some money and gets his help to win. Anshuman is not aware of that. Girish asks Anshuman about his decision. Anshuman tells him that he has finally understood what Pakhi means to him and Ayaan. He can’t be selfish to think only about himself, ignoring Ayaan’s happiness. He tells Girish that he will give priority to Ayaan and knows how much Ayaan loves and needs Pakhi at this phase of his life. Ayaan does not like Tanya and won’t accept her as his mum. Nikhil finally understood that what he is feeling since many days for Lajjo is nothing but love. He now realized that Ishaana is not her love, but Lajjo. Nani has been noticing him that his feelings are changing. Nikhil admits to Nani that he loves Lajjo shocking her. Everyone is angry on Nikhil for calling off the engagement with Ishaana. Ishaana is disturbed as she also know that Nikhil and Lajjo love each other. Pakhi hears the recording at Lavanya’s home wherein Lavanya tells everything to Girish about Vikram blackmailing her and asking her to spend one night with him. Vikram blackmails Lavanya that she if denies his demands then he will be exposing her and Anshuman’s cheap tactics against Pakhi and Girish. Lavanya gets tensed and has no option but to agree to Vikram. Nadaan Parindey is a story of the lives of people who live at the border. Sameer is an ordinary guy living with his family at the border. His life is aimless and he is full of life and enthusiasm. He spends his days playing pranks and irritating his Bebe. His time passes without any motive and Sameer loves his life this way. But soon the time changes, Sameer’s world changes as he is forced to get in the army which he did not wished to. Meher is his childhood friend who is very supportive and is a forward thinker. She makes Sameer understands his responsibilities. Nikhil and Ishaana are getting engaged. But the fact is Nikhil is not that happy which he should have been being with his childhood love Ishaana. Nikhil is missing Lajjo every moment, though he is not accepting that he loves Lajjo. After Rancho told him that Lajjo loved him and she left him for his happiness, Nikhil is feeling guilty for letting her down and not respecting her feelings for him. Nikhil talks to Lajjo on phone. She tells him about her studies going on and that she is shaping her life towards positive light. Nikhil should have become happy knowing this, but he gets angry. He feels why is Lajjo telling him as if she is very happy getting freed from him. He can’t stand Lajjo starting a new life without him, though he is getting engaged to Ishaana.