Arzoo gets a big contract for Saiyyara thus fulfilling Sahir’s wish in Sony’s Humsafars.

In Humsafars, Sahir asks Anam who hired Sarfaraz for the job work. Anam takes Arzoo’s name surprising her. Arzoo tells Sahir that she selected the vendor seeing his expertise and the vendor’s name was not mentioned on the file. Anam tells Sahir that Arzoo is lying and gave the job work to Sarfaraz as he is her father. Sahir gets shocked. Arzoo claims that she didn’t know that the job work is going to Sarfaraz when she took the decision. Anam brings the file which mentions the vendor’s name and accuses Arzoo. Sahir asks Arzoo why you didn’t tell me that Sarfaraz is your father. Arzoo says I didn’t tell you as he left us 15 years back that’s why didn’t tell you. I wouldn’t have approve if saw his name. Sahir says I lost the deal because of you and your abbu. He gets angry.

Arzoo gets sad recalling Sahir’s words. Farah plans to get her daughter Samaira married in Sahir’s house and tells Sarfaraz. Sarfaraz assures that her wish will be fulfilled. Avira comes to Sahir and tells him that she was aware of Sarfaraz being Arzoo’s father. She tells him that he left her mum. Arzoo speaks to Zaki about the client Mr. Mehta rejecting the deal as the job work was not upto the mark and Sahir getting angry on her. Avira tells Sahir that she is sad as he couldn’t understand Arzoo’s pain.

Zaki and Arzoo come to Mr. Mehta’s office and enquire about him. Receptionist refuses to give them details. Zaki talks sweetly with her and gets the info somehow. They reach the place and meet Mr. Mehta. Arzoo apologizes to him for the mistake done by the vendor. Mr. Mehta doesn’t want to listen to her. Zaki tries to convince him and lies that he is Arzoo’s husband. Arzoo tells him that the deal is very special for Sahir’s life. She tells that the vendor is none other than her father and he left her mum. He left me as he thinks girl are a burden. She requests him to give a chance to Saiyyara once.

Mr. Mehta agrees to give the deal to Saiyyara. Arzoo thanks him. Anam sends money to Sarfaraz for messing up with the job work. He thinks he doesn’t have to work again. Sahir calls Sarfaraz and asks him to stay away from Arzoo. Arzoo comes to Sahir and inform him that they got the project. Sahir gets happy seeing the deal papers. Sahir smiles and throws the bouquet in air happily. Zaki hugs Sahir. Nausheen cries as she reads the letter sent by Sarfaraz. Dadi asks her not to cry for him. Arzoo thinks she is lucky not to have anyone in her heart.

Sahir was having coffee at the breakfast table, Zaki comes and it falls on Sahir’s suit. Arzoo gets worried for Sahir and scolds Zaki for being careless. Sahir goes to change the clothes. Myra reads the magazine and tells Arzoo about the symptoms of being in love. Arzoo gets thinking. Myra teases her taking Sahir’s name. Zaki realizes that he is in love with Arzoo and thinks to distract his mind. He calls his girl friends for a party. He have a good time with the girls at a pub. He goes to the room with one of the girl and tries to get romantic, but gets flashes of Arzoo. He apologizes to the girl and tells him that he loves someone else. Sahir and Arzoo have a romantic eyelock.

Arzoo goes outside and is restless. She talks to God and questions Him to give a sign if she is in love. She asks God to start rains if she is in love. Suddenly it starts raining and Arzoo’s doubt gets confirmed. Sahir is going from there and gets down the car. He asks what are you doing here? Arzoo stares at him lovingly. She gets up and falls on Sahir. They have a romantic eye lock again while it is raining. He gets a umbrella for her, while she walks off silently. Sahir and Arzoo come back home. Alvira gets shocked seeing Sahir drenched in rain water. Kurti Apa questions and taunts Arzoo.

Sahir writes poetry while Arzoo thinks about him. Zaki looks at her photo and thinks about her. In the morning Arzoo wakes up and makes coffee for Sahir. She thinks to hide her feelings for Sahir. Servant serves coffee to Sahir. Sahir gets surprised as Arzoo have not come. Arzoo gives her best wishes to Zara for her modelling assignment. Kurti Apa asks Anam to think about Sahir and Arzoo. Anam tells her that she can’t do anything right now as Sahir supports them financially. She says Arzoo and Sahir have gone really far in their love. Kurti asks her to find a chance to separate them. Arzoo comes to Sahir and ignores him. Sahir asks her to get a file in his cabin and thinks why she is behaving weirdly today.

Zaki talks to Myra and enquires about Arzoo. He thinks Arzoo might be loving him and he loves her too. Zaki goes to the office and sees Arzoo. He gets flattered by her beauty. He imagines her getting shy and posing for him. Arzoo wakes him up and asks what is he dreaming about. He tells about her eyes and invites her to watch movie with him. She says she is busy. Zara goes to do her first modelling assignment. Anam thinks to deepen the crack between the sisters. Sahir gets a call from his partner who tells him that he is coming in 2 days and will have a big party. Sahir reminisces his wife and tells he will fullfill his promise in 2 days.

Alvira tells Kurti Apa that she wants Zeenat to see Sahir and Arzoo together when she gets out of coma as Sahir is suffering since 7 years. Sahir reminisces promising his wife that he will be one among India’s top 10 rich men and thinks without Mr. Mehta’s contract it would have been not possible and is thankful to Arzoo for the deal. He thinks he scolded her and that’s why she might be avoiding him. He thinks to apologize to her. Kurti and Anam think about separating Sahir and Arzoo. Zaki tells Alvira that he wishes to marry and says he is in love. A lady enters the house and calls his name. Keep reading.